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Enhancing your supply chain process

McCownGordon understands there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the industrial market. Whether it’s a manufacturing plant, logistics facility or a new warehouse, each project is unique and calls for a tailored approach to meet your needs. Our team always look at it with fresh eyes to determine project requirements, like capacity, power and critical equipment. We provide value engineering solutions that address the specific challenges you face, including the appropriate cost and performance needed to maintain and operate your facility efficiently.

We know how these facilities work and know the end product drives your business. That is why we maintain a tight schedule for the earliest time-to-market. Our schedules take into account all critical elements including special equipment requirements, start-up and commissioning to ensure the predictable result your business demands.

Whether it’s a distribution, warehouse or manufacturing plant, our technical and construction expertise allows us to exceed your expectations.

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To learn more about how we help our clients create efficient industrial environments, contact Tom Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Business Development, for more information.