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We are leading industry experts in all areas of construction. With heavy emphasis on preconstruction work to eliminate problems during the building phase we leverage advanced technology to deliver projects on time and within budget. Our team embraces the philosophy of seeing the project through the owner’s eyes, analyzing how even the earliest decisions can impact the end user.

At McCownGordon, we’re constantly setting ourselves apart

In the competitive construction industry, we’ve learned the best path forward is one built on a foundation of trust and understanding. That’s why every construction project we undertake starts out with a high level of communication, setting the stage for success. Our holistic project approach applies to projects across our markets, ensuring quality, hassle-free construction for project owners.

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Two McCownGordon Construction associates collaborating on an active job site

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Expertise across our markets

Regardless of the type of construction you’re undertaking, McCownGordon can take it on. Our portfolio includes extensive examples of manufacturing, corporate, K-12 education, higher education, healthcare and civic construction projects.

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Only the highest quality construction

Our superintendents and field team work hand-in-hand with our trade partners throughout construction to provide clients effective management of the schedule, cost, quality and safety. The result is longer-lasting facilities with fewer changes during construction. No matter the job, no matter the phase, no matter the approach—our primary goal is to deliver nothing but top quality throughout every aspect of construction.


Construction management plan

The management plan includes the budget, the schedule, and every small detail that we are going to be referring back to over the course of two to three years. The management plan allows us to establish the cadence and rhythm of the project early so we can all rock out on getting things done right. Without a good plan in place, we wouldn’t be able to execute the stages of our project approach with precision.

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Construction site safety

Creating an environment of support and safety has been paramount to the McCownGordon Construction culture from the beginning. We work together to build a stronger, safer industry for our associates, trade partners, clients and community. The drive to improve construction site safety transcends everything else, and that’s led us to achieving 3 million hours without a loss-time injury.

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Looking ahead with construction technology

The most informed decisions come from the best information. We take an innovative approach with virtual design and building information modeling to literally show you the future. We coordinate 3D model clash detection, virtual mockups, laser scans of existing structures and much more. 

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Sara Holmes
Community Outreach

On all our projects we think of the community. Whether it’s public meetings and tours or getting the local neighborhood involved. On educational projects, integrating learning opportunities on-site helps expose kids to the construction industry. Whether it’s a project tour, a demonstration on construction practices for classroom curriculum, or a seminar on jobsite safety, we look beyond just building your project. Sparking an interest in just one student can leave a lasting impact.

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Jeff Clemmons
Field Operations

A construction project has a lot of moving parts. From ensuring all materials are onsite and ready to be installed to managing trade partners’ schedules and ensuring safety. As superintendent, I take pride in running a well-organized project site. Handling the multitude of field activities takes a proactive level of management that centers on communication, with our clients, design team and trade partners. McCownGordon’s core values of integrity, performance and relationships come into play every day out here.

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Angela Cloud

Preplanning is key to our safety program. We work hand in hand with our clients to develop site specific safety plans that take into account pedestrian traffic, vehicular routing, and worker safety. Our strong performance does not come by accident. Our safety training program, ability to anticipate and mitigate issues and commitment from our field staff make McCownGordon’s unmatched safety record a reality.

Ryan Schaaf

Higher quality buildings mean reduced maintenance and an increased lifespan. We pride ourselves on setting quality expectations with our trade partners early….and holding them accountable. We identify the challenging areas of the project before we break ground, collaborate on an approach and communicate that plan to everyone involved. I want to make sure we do it right the first time and deliver a top-quality facility for our clients.

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Brian Markworth
Virtual Construction/ Technology

Our teams use the latest technology to reduce cost, time and waste all while improving efficiency and quality. Using drones, we can compare aerial footage from week to week, which helps review jobsite conditions, takes measurements and compares progress to construction documents. Other tech tools we employ include laser scanning, virtual mockups, and building information modeling, all with the goal of bringing an enhanced value to our clients.

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Lauren Koval
Building Performance Solutions

As an engineering manager I’m focusing on the behind-the-scenes systems that make the building operate. Working hand in hand with the design team my construction-driven perspective means clients get real-world solutions that help their projects run more smoothly. We analyze MEP systems, energy efficiency and structural integrity, all with our clients’ goals of budget, schedule and quality at the forefront.

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McCownGordon associates collaborating with an owner on a construction site
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