Ceva IBron Filling Suite

Ceva IBron Filling Suite

Project Case Study
McCownGordon partnered with Clark & Enersen to renovate one of Ceva Biomune’s existing live frozen filling areas into a space for formulating and filling semi-finished infectious bronchitis virus product aseptically. The IBron vaccine, a live monovalent bronchitis vaccine protecting poultry from infection, requires pharmaceutical-grade construction protocols to ensure the integrity of the product.


Ceva Biomune


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Lenexa, KS

Client Testimonial

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“McCownGordon was tasked with delivering a GMP price, manage an accelerated schedule and maintain the quality of a GMP manufacturing facility. The project was delivered on time and they returned savings back to CEVA.”

Daryl Pint | Former CEO, CEVA Biomune

Ceva IBron Filling Suite

The 2,900 square foot filling facility featured multiple sterile rooms The space is also used for the subsequent caning, freezing, and transfer to liquid nitrogen of filled ampoules. The project scope included the installation of walls, doors and ceilings, a storage room, labeling room, kitchen, anteroom, two-stage personnel airlocks, batching room, fill room, mechanical space, caning room, freezer/cooler and ovens.

With a short project timeline, the preconstruction team worked collaboratively with the design team to effectively determine the budget and schedule. The team also relied on our strong trade partner relationships, which proved successful, as the project remained on budget and within schedule despite late design changes.


Ceva IBron Filling Suite
Ceva IBron Filling Suite