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Building Commissioning

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Enhanced project delivery to meet your objectives

Providing unmatched performance with building commissioning

Discover the measurable benefits of building commissioning for your project.

The building commissioning process (CxP) ensures we meet your expectations throughout your project.

McCownGordon highly recommends involving building commissioning in your project for its wide array of benefits and short payback timelines. CxP validates and documents that systems are in working condition together to meet owner expectations.

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See long-term benefits in your building’s life cycle.

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Whether you are renovating your current building, building new, or evaluating several buildings, you need a safe and functional space to provide the best services to your building occupants.

Our team of experts provides you with a holistic view of your building’s condition to determine the best process for construction. Through a Building Assessment, our team investigates the building condition and systems to evaluate risk and overall building performance. With a high level of attention to quality, we evaluate the building and site early during preconstruction in order to reduce the environmental impact of practices and materials and focus on life cycle assessments (LCA). We use programs like Sefaira and our in-house LCA tool to quickly evaluate energy usage versus utility, maintenance, and replacement costs to provide our clients the most sustainable option.

Meet the Team

Emily Tilgner, McCownGordon

Emily Tilgner

VP, Building Performance Solutions

Jereme Nollett, Sr Commissioning Manager at McCownGordon

Jereme Nollett

Senior Commissioning Manager

Emily Tilgner, McCownGordon

Emily Tilgner

VP, Building Performance Solutions

Emily Leads multiple departments, including our MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), Structural, Commissioning, Sustainability and QAQC teams. She brings a wealth of experience to the team, adding crucial knowledge when it comes to the systems of complex projects. With a long history in design, Emily’s unique perspective helps projects spot potential issues long before they happen.

Jereme Nollett, Sr Commissioning Manager at McCownGordon

Jereme Nollett

Senior Commissioning Manager

Leveraging his years of experience, Jereme specializes in building performance optimization, life- cycle cost analysis, cost-benefit analysis, carbon footprint reduction and energy conservation measures. He has a diverse background in system design, new and retrocommissioning, energy management, and test & balance with apassion for sustainable design and building optimization, resulting in an extensive understanding of MEP systems, their functionality and interaction with one another.

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1. Going beyond construction management

Building commissioning can begin as early as the concept/pre-design phase of the project and continues throughout occupancy and operations of the finished building. CxP forms a crucial bridge between the owner and every other team on the project.

2. Improve quality and ROI

CxP provides an average of 13–16% annual energy savings, 8–20% lower equipment maintenance costs, better equipment performance, and better indoor air quality (IAQ), the average ROI for CxP range from 1.1 to 4.2 years—a solid return on your investment.

3. Meeting project owner specifications to the letter

When the installing contractor of equipment performs an initial startup to make sure the equipment turns on, they fill out a startup checklist and mark the unit installation as complete. Involving building commissioning in your project takes this process further—we ensure equipment works exactly as the owner intends.

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