A drone being used on a McCownGordon Construction job site

Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction

Success Powered by Technology

Our innovative approach allows owners, architects, engineers and trade partners to make the most informed decisions for project success.

A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing to plans on a screen while in a meeting

Construction can be an overwhelming process. That’s why you need a firm that listens and values your priorities. At McCownGordon, we use advanced digital tools to communicate and add value throughout the entire project timeline.

Virtual Design and Construction (VD&C) experts coordinate 3D model clash detection, virtual mockups, existing building laser scanning and so much more. Our use of technology means reducing cost, time and waste, while improving efficiency and quality. Our VDC team can expedite the process, allowing clients to save time and money.

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A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing at plans on a screen during a meeting in the office

Leaders in the industry

By leveraging technology, our team of experts provides a smooth and straightforward construction process. Collaboration is increased through mobile technology, drone imaging, 360-degree cameras, laser scanners, cloud computing and building information models (BIM). These tools communicate architectural design intent models from our design partners with construction content models from our trade partners throughout the life cycle of the project through BIM based estimates, 3D clash/coordination meetings, and BIM to Field solutions. We are constantly working to stay ahead of the technological curve to offer greater efficiencies and benefits for our clients.

From Our Technology Experts

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A woman using an iPad on a McCownGordon Construction job site
Julia Guerra, Senior VDC Specialist at McCownGordon at a jobsite
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A McCownGordon Construction associate shaking hands with an owner while touring an active job site

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