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People love to work here, plain and simple.

It’s easy to love your job when you’re surrounded by driven, passionate leaders. We show up every day and give it our all; not because we have to, but because we want to.

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At McCownGordon, we enjoy a high level of camaraderie and offer construction jobs in Kansas City and throughout the Midwest.

Our associates work in an interactive, team-based environment, where all opinions are respected and individual efforts significantly contribute to the success of the company. We believe the confidence and fulfillment that comes from being valued and appreciated makes us even more successful at our construction jobs.

The Perks

Our benefits span the spectrum. From training to wellness, we’re proud of what we offer, and it’s why we’ve been recognized nationally as a Best Company to Work For by Fortune.

Paid Time Off

We understand the importance of balancing our time at the office with time away to rest and relax. McCownGordon offers construction jobs in Kansas City and across the Midwest with a generous and flexible paid-time-off policy on top of nine paid holidays per year.

401k and incentive pay

We offer a 401K plan with a generous company match. We also share profits with our associates through incentive pay bonuses based on company and individual performance.

other perks

There are a lot of other reasons to love working at McCownGordon Construction. Here are a few.

  • Rooftop deck
  • Fitness center with yoga studio and steam rooms
  • Modern, open office with adjustable desks
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Frequent team building events and activities
  • Fountain soda machine
  • Healthy market
  • Cookie, coffee and ice cream Fridays
  • Company hybrid cars

Company Initiatives

McCownGordon associate looking at project plans

MGC University

We don’t train leaders—we develop them. We continually strive to find each associate’s strengths and promote those through customized development courses and core skills training. We empower our associates to improve performance by sharpening their leadership skills, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and methods in construction jobs, and training everyone to deliver the best building experience.

Garmin beat yesterday running marathon

MGC Well-Being

Achieving health and wellness starts with the right blueprint. The MGC Well-being team educates and inspires us to achieve wellness and balance of body, mind, and spirit to remain an energetic and top-performing company. You’ll find us walking, running, jumping, lifting, and climbing in our fitness center, at company wellness events, or corporate challenge games. We challenge and encourage each other, and have a ton of fun while doing it. It’s tough NOT to live a healthy lifestyle at McCownGordon, which is why we’re recognized as one of Kansas City’s Healthiest Employers.

Construction jobs in Kansas City

MGC Cares

We’re passionate about giving back to our community. MGC Cares encourages just that. An internal program made up of associates who have volunteered to plan and implement the company’s participation in community activities, charitable fundraising and corporate events. It’s important to work hard, but having fun is part of it. MGC Cares plans team-building events, including barbecues on our rooftop patio, outings to professional sports events, Friday afternoon bowling competitions, a kickball tournament, and much more. And that’s on top of our annual holiday party and summer picnic.

Diversity + Inclusion

McCownGordon is committed to respect and inclusion for all. To deliver the best client experience, we strive to build a team of professionals with diverse perspectives and varying life experiences that reflect our communities.

Our Diversity + Inclusion committee focuses on three main pillars: understand, include, and inspire. We believe an inclusive and diverse workforce drives creativity and innovation, inspires leadership, and creates a culturally varied workplace.

By actively working to improve the representation of women and minorities, we’ve seen increased engagement and a focus on taking ownership AND giving back. We regularly work within our community to create an awareness of the value of inclusion and diversity.


Two employees in hardhats on site pointing at the project

Talent Development

We’re committed to growing and developing smart leaders—both professionally and personally.

Our talent development team aligns associate training and development efforts with the company’s vision, goals, and objectives by encouraging associates to achieve personal and professional milestones through leadership and certification programs. Whether it’s bi-monthly training or a specialized course, we provide continuous learning opportunities. As part of MGC University, our talent development program helps associates achieve Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) to assist in maintaining certifications.



We offer a wide variety of paid internship opportunities for students seeking a career in the construction industry, as well as within our support services areas, like information technology, marketing, virtual design and construction (VDC) and safety.

Our interns enjoy a fun-filled, educational program working side-by-side with our team and walk away with a deeper understanding of their career options. If you’re interested in an internship with one of the region’s leading construction managers, apply for an internship with us.

Look for us on campus.


Frank Tuffour
I was drawn to McCownGordon by the core values, unique projects undertaken and the continuous efforts of investing in future leaders. My transition at McCownGordon surprised me as I settled in quickly, mostly because of the amazing culture. Employees lived up to the core values, exhibiting true integrity, relationships and performance in every aspect of what they did. I worked on real projects as an estimating intern and became a valuable team member with lots of responsibilities. I gained experience that will propel me to persevere in my pursuit of excellence in the construction industry. I am very grateful to be given such a once in a lifetime opportunity."

—Frank Tuffour

2018 Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2019

When I started my summer internship with McCownGordon I instantly became part of the team and gained responsibilities. I learned something new almost every single day. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience."

—Emily Zahn

2015 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2017

During my summer at McCownGordon I learned from the best of the best. My superintendent gave me responsibility, respect, and taught me a ton about construction. I loved how all the employees of the company were engaged with the interns. My summer at McCownGordon put me light years ahead in the classroom. A few of my favorite parts were spending time with other interns, company socials and events, and all that Kansas City had to offer."

—Levi Hargrove

2018 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2019

I chose to come back to McCownGordon because I couldn’t imagine a better place with better people to work with every day. We always have a vast range of exciting projects to work on and I get to learn every day from the best team around. I knew that if I went somewhere else it wouldn’t be able to live up to my experience at McCownGordon and I would regret not coming back full time."

—Julia Blank

2018 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2019


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McCownGordon Scholarships

At McCownGordon, we make investing in education a priority and offer $1,000 scholarships to students enrolled in construction-related degree programs at several regional universities.

With this program, we achieve our goal of recognizing academic excellence and helping deserving students complete their education. It’s our way of investing in the future—both for students seeking a construction career and our industry as a whole. Applications are closed right now.

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