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Let's do it right, right from the start.

Our business model is built on preconstruction services. In fact, we deliver 95 percent of our work through a collaborative process.

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At most companies, preconstruction services start and stop with estimating. For us, it includes everything that takes place before construction begins.

From identifying opportunities to site selection and feasibility studies to financing and ROI analysis, we consider the entire lifecycle of your building. Then we bring our preconstruction and construction management teams to the table to provide guidance and insights. When you integrate our team into the process from the start, you gain expertise that provides lasting value.

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The construction market is as volatile as ever, which makes financial planning for new and renovated facilities a challenge. As industry experts, our preconstruction team regularly tracks construction costs and keeps a pulse on the market for our clients. Our team made a comprehensive, digestible, economic report.

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We focus on delivering value.

1. Understand Your Goals

Our preconstruction team engages early, collaborates with you, and focuses on your goals. With robust market experience and an innovative approach, we provide valuable engineering ideas to maximize your budget, whether through an enhanced scope, a shortened schedule or superior sourcing. Our clients typically gain five percent more value because of the insight our team brings to the table.

2. Plan Ahead for Success

Specialty services encompass everything from mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) to structural management—all designed to provide you with unmatched benefit. Tap our virtual construction experts for building information models to bridge between blueprint and building. By incorporating constructability and technology reviews, systems evaluations, and more, our team of seasoned professionals offers you added expertise focused on delivering long-term ROI.

3. Collaborate from Start to Finish

We start every engagement with preconstruction services because we understand the importance of collaborative planning with the owner, architect and construction manager working together to bring your vision to life. From identifying the ideal site to financing to executing on your master plan, know that at McCownGordon, we’re invested in your success.

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Pull Planning in preconstruction at McCownGordon

From Our Experts

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The first thing we build is relationships.

Tell us about how we can help you. We’d love to learn more about your needs or upcoming project to help bring your vision to reality.

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