Leveraging construction technology at McCownGordon

A woman using an iPad on a McCownGordon Construction job site
Revolutionizing the job site

Construction projects are inherently complex, long-lasting endeavors that require effective communication and coordination. Lack of communication can impact project progress and severely disrupt overall goals. At McCownGordon, we leverage the use of construction technology to promote collaboration, optimize efficiency and mitigate uncertainty on our job sites. Construction is no longer just nail guns and hammers; it’s drones, virtual reality, robotic solutions and much more.

Construction technology has grown exponentially over the past 15 years, changing from nonexistent to warp speed. Now, the Internet of Things provides access to any job site from anywhere. With remote construction site monitoring, project managers have said goodbye to whiteboards and now have access to job sites at their fingertips.

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The benefits: a dual focus

McCownGordon has a dual focus on construction technology. Not only do we use technology to improve efficiency and quality throughout the duration of our projects, but we also use it to provide our clients with long-term benefits that truly make a difference.

  1. Improved efficiency and safety

Technology allows our team to be as effective as we can possibly be. When our teams are more efficient, more benefits are revealed. This can include higher quality products and systems, a faster schedule, a safer job site and more. For example, with technology expediting the schedule, the client’s speed to revenue also increases. The sooner the project is completed, the sooner the client can start making money. Overall, technology improves the experience for everyone involved.

More advanced technology also translates into a safer job site. Technology solutions are making it easier to properly train and monitor project teams to prevent accidents and promote safer job sites. Our teams use real-time data to analyze our safety statistics and define clear areas to improve upon. Additionally, robotic solutions such as exoskeletons can be used to reduce injuries and improve compliance. Exoskeletons are metal frameworks with motorized muscles that are used to multiply the wearer’s strength. Maintaining a safe job site is a key ingredient to the success of our projects.

  1. Long-term benefits for our clients

At McCownGordon we focus on the client first. We leverage our technology to allow clients to better manage their facility once we are gone. For example, using digital twinning, we can provide clients with an exact replica of the building with all the key details. The digital model is updated simultaneously as changes are made to the physical building, allowing clients to operate their building much easier in the long run. By modeling changes on the digital twin, clients can prevent any surprises when making future changes to the building. We also leverage our technology to prioritize quality control on our projects, ensuring our clients are provided with high-quality and long-lasting buildings.

What is McCownGordon doing differently?

While many construction firms are implementing more technology into their workforces, McCownGordon takes a different approach. We are committed to giving our clients the right price instead of just the lowest price. To achieve this, we leverage our technology to perform analyses that tell us when our approach will not work and reevaluate prior to doing the work. For example, in our manufacturing business unit, Amanda Tran, packaging manager, creates live models to maximize the operational efficiency of our projects. Through technology, she can determine the most effective layout for production lines before the building is up and running. This saves clients the burden of renovating their building after project closeout and incurring additional costs. Client-focused at our core, we believe construction technology is key to delivering the best building experience.

Impacts on the construction industry

There is no doubt that technology has reshaped the construction industry. As a generation of workers with over 25 years of experience is currently leaving the industry, technology has made it easy for our teams to feed project information to the next generation, filling the educational gap between them.

Construction technology is proving to revolutionize the job site in the current time where the need for real-time communication is paramount. The benefits of construction technology are endless: improved efficiency, safety, sustainability and much more.