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A Premier Midwest Construction Firm

McCownGordon Construction has a people-first way of doing business.

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About Us.

We bring a high level of involvement, engaged communication and an innovative, problem-solving approach focused on building lasting client partnerships.

We view every project through a customer-centric, future-focused lens. This approach challenges us to redefine the way we see, think and work to bring your project to life. We’re here to be your partner.

We start with active listening, finding ways to create the most value for your investment. Through our delivery methods, cutting-edge technology, unprecedented safety and leading sustainability solutions, we can not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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About McCownGordon Construction

McCownGordon Construction is an employee-owned construction company in Kansas City, with offices in Manhattan, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas and Dallas-Fort Worth. As a thought leader in our industry, we strive to fulfill a role not just as a contractor, but as a full partner throughout the project. That same philosophy drives our commitment to respect and inclusion for our associates.

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Who we are.

We’re the kind of construction company that hires people based on who they are, not what they’ve done. Training someone in our unique processes is easier than training someone to embody our core values—integrity, performance and relationships. Our team is friendly, hardworking and trustworthy.

Our goal for each project is to deliver the best building experience and enhance the journey for our associates, clients, partners and community. To see more of who we are, learn about our culture.

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What We Do.


We want to do things right from the outset. When you partner with McCownGordon, you get preconstruction services that go far beyond estimating—it includes things like feasibility studies, financing analysis, ROI analysis, and more. Preconstruction includes everything up to groundbreaking and ensures our clients, team leads and third-party contractors are in constant and clear communication from day one.

Construction Technology

We are a technology leader in our industry. We think ahead and vet leading-edge technologies to improve the outcomes of projects, from virtual construction in preconstruction to 360 photography and drone footage for schedule tracking. The right tools are essential to the success of any project, and our team of innovators dedicates their time to researching and testing emerging tech to find those tools. Our construction technology team also teaches the project owner and trade partners how to effectively use relevant technology for an overall smoother process.

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Delivery Methods

Our team of experts can help you evaluate the construction delivery method for your project. Our experience has given us a lot of insight into what factors to consider when choosing a construction delivery method. Our collaborative Design-Build delivery method brings the construction manager, architects and trade partners together early to initiate strong communication throughout the life of the project. It also features a guaranteed maximum price early in the process, keeping things on budget. We are also a premier provider of the Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) delivery method, which provides a level of transparency and efficiency for construction projects across the midwest.


When it comes to construction, safety is the name of the game. McCownGordon’s Experience Modification Rate is lower than the overall industry average because we always provide a safe working environment. We’ve had nearly 2 MILLION work hours without a lost-time incident.

Building Performance Solutions

Our Building Performance Solutions department has engineers, architects and licensed commissioning professionals who are all experts in their fields. Specialty services through McCownGordon provide a great complement to the project team with unparalleled knowledge and focus.

Trade Partner Prequalification

Building relationships with our trade partners is as important to our firm as the relationships we build with clients. We prioritize honesty and accountability when looking for trade partners and believe everyone on the job has input and adds value. If you hold those beliefs, reach out as a trade partner and fill out a form!

Our project approach.

Stage One: Pursuing the Project – we learn everything we can about a project while we’re pursuing it. 

Stage Two: Preconstruction – Preconstruction is a huge part of any project. We make sure the project owner is able to make the best decisions for the overall project and that construction goes off without a hitch.

Stage Three: Construction – Now it begins to come to fruition, and shovel is put to soil to start the actual building. This phase is built upon the success of our thorough preconstruction processes and managed using our stringent site safety protocols, best-in-the-industry communication and streamlined logistics. 

Stage Four: Close Out – We work hard to coordinate every step with our client to determine how they’re moving into their new space. From the preconstruction phase, we’ll be working with the vendors for things like furniture and IT systems so the close out phase goes as smoothly as the rest of the project.

mccowngordon construction in kansas city headquarters

Why choose McCownGordon?

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, McCownGordon strives to be more than a construction company; we aim to be thought leaders in our industry who understand the value in good relationships. We look at every project that comes through our company through a customer-centric, future-focused lens.

Through our processes and philosophies, our team consistently produces results that are on time, within budget and that exceed expectations. 

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Hear it for yourself

Listen to some client and partner testimonials.

McCownGordon’s internship program was an awesome way to get hands-on experience while learning more about the company and the industry as a whole. My favorite part was forming relationships with the other interns and McCownGordon associates, many of which I am still working with or keep in touch with today! The people at McCownGordon make all the difference, and that’s one of the many things that set us apart. I’ve loved building my career here, and am excited to see what the future holds!"

—Lauren Koval

2016 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2017

My favorite part of the internship program was being surrounded by friendly faces every day. The associates at McCownGordon made me feel welcome and excited to come to work. The internship felt like I was a part of team with a bigger mission than just fixing computers. The reason I was here was because I wanted to improve the lives of our associates. This purpose drove me to push myself to provide the best IT support possible and to soak up knowledge from my coworkers.  By gaining this knowledge and drive, I set myself up for success. This was further assisted by the numerous one-on-one meetings with my supervisor, career conversations, and daily support from my coworkers."

—Jacob Beck

2021 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

My favorite part of our internship program was the various things that I was allowed to see – not only was I able to see every part of my project but with the project tours and presentations I got to see what my peers were working on and what their lessons learned were. I believe the camaraderie and emphasis on intern success is what makes our program so unique. At the end of the day, I always felt supported, welcomed, and put into a position to learn and grow."

—Justin Jachetta Whitmire

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2020

I believe the reason that makes McCownGordon’s internship program so unique is the impact that interns can make on a project. As an intern you can be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and prove to be a key feature of a team."

—Ian Fitch

2019, 2020 & 2021 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

My favorite element of the internship program was the Friday tours! I really enjoyed visiting our intern’s project sites to see what they had been working on and how our responsibilities were different."

—Zach Gerber

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2020

My internship with McCownGordon was an amazing experience, in which I was given the opportunity to take on real responsibilities and learn so much about the ins and outs of the construction industry. After the internship, I felt like the work I did during the summer truly had a positive impact on my project, which was such a rewarding feeling. It was also a lot of fun working with my team and interacting with the other interns throughout the summer at various events. I love how McCownGordon creates a fun and productive workplace for all its associates, including its interns."

—Aaron Ridder

2021 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

The internship program set me up for success by allowing me to have real responsibilities on a project, while fostering learning. You get the opportunity to put your schooling to the test while work alongside the best in the business!"

—Isaiah Blackmon

2019 & 2020 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2020

From day one, I have felt so at home with McCownGordon. The group of people that work at this company is unmatched. During my internship, not only did I learn a lot about construction means and methods, but also about communicating with trade partners, and how to be a professional in the industry. Once I got back to school, and during my other internships, I relied heavily on my experience from my summer with McCownGordon. This internship program is unique because you are not expected to know everything yet, but you are still treated as if you have been a part of the team from the beginning of the project. I felt included, and valued, and trusted. It was not a hard decision for me to come back as a full-time member of the McCownGordon team."

—Lily Quinto

2020 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

My favorite part would be that it felt like a full-time job – meaning I felt respected, trusted, and I was given the opportunity to perform work duties very similar to what I do now. McCownGordon’s internship program is unique because it isn’t necessarily about what the intern can do for the company, it’s about what the company can do for the intern to better them as individuals and provide the knowledge and support needed to take them to the next level in their careers, whether that’s here, or with another company. My favorite memory from the summer would be any of the intern tours we did. It was so great to get to know all the other interns and see the projects everyone was working on. Also – Hawaiian Shirt Friday! I have now been full time here for five years, and I could see myself staying here for my entire career. Every day I feel supported, set up for success, and I’ve been given so many incredible opportunities – like going back to school for my master’s degree!"

—Angela Cloud

2016 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2017

My favorite part of my internship was my team! Each and every day someone was willing to take time out of their day to help me learn something new. No matter how many questions I had, there was always someone to lean on."

—Rachel Leighton

2021 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2022

My favorite part of the internship program was being exposed to real projects and having a role in completing those projects. I never felt like I was doing busy work."

—Brandon Perriman

2017 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2018

At McCownGordon we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We foster an environment where all backgrounds are acknowledged, celebrated, and embraced. Living our core values reflects the desire that McCownGordon holds for inclusion. We strive to build great relationships and a culture where people feel supported and that their work has a real impact. We build trust and create a positive environment for people to feel safe and we also celebrate and acknowledge hard work. At McCownGordon we recognize the benefits of having a diverse workforce."

—Shunna McClendon

Administrative Coordinator / Receptionist

McCownGordon Construction recognizes the need for advancement in DEI efforts in the construction industry. The company’s leadership team and associates, strive to build a culture where all people feel accepted, safe and engaged at work. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I feel empowered to express my identity and engage with coworkers just like any other associate within the company."

—James Maiden

Internal Communications Specialist

McCownGordon prioritizes inclusion in the hiring process. They make sure to not just favor candidates that look, and talk like them. It is understood that McCownGordon being more diverse as a company makes us a more progressive and successful company."

—Caleb Skaggs


My favorite element was the team members. I always felt like I was part of the success of the team. Something about McCownGordon just felt different than previous internships."

—Alex Wilson

2020 Summer Intern | Hired Full- Time in 2021

“McCownGordon’s expertise has been vital in making several of our projects a success. Not only do they provide a great experience, but they have been flexible and very easy to work with.”"

—Jerry McMillen

Bohringer Ingelheim

McCownGordon has completed many projects for the Basehor-Linwood school district and all of them have been completed on time and under budget.  "

—David Howard

Former Superintendent | Basehor-Linwood School District USD 458

Our projects have had some challenges and the McCownGordon team has delivered above my expectations. They understand the needs of both our university and specifically, our athletic department."

—Brad Nachtigal

University of Kansas | Associate Athletic Director - Operations/Capital Projects

McCownGordon did a great job working with the architects and owners to work within budget constraints while still meeting the overall programming needs of the facility. They stepped up to the plate and accepted some risk as a construction manager should do when all the pieces to the puzzle are not known."

—Steven Taylor

Sillwater Medical - Blackwell | CEO

The value the McCownGordon team brings to the on-site work is priceless.  They bring a level of detail, flexibility, and patience to the project that allows the client freedom to question items and explore different methods for achieving desired outcomes.  They are efficient in the use of the client’s time using technology to enhance communications and visual understandings.  They were always well prepared, providing solutions to challenges in a prompt manner with substance and options.  They do all of this with a professional manner and a fun attitude."

—Pat Patton

Patterson Health Center | CEO

McCownGordon’s deep involvement in the upfront design process provided for a seamless preconstruction effort between the design team, owner and contractor. Their early engagement is unparalleled in my 25 years of design and construction. In my working life I believe you always want to ‘run next to the fastest runner’ and McCownGordon has proven to be that runner."

—Michael Turner

HFG Architecture

The Children's Mercy Research Institute is a place that will change the lives of many people, specifically children. The new building is not only a wonderful addition to the KC Skyline, but a place where science will be able to advance. McCownGordon showed a great amount of passion, determination and integrity throughout the whole building process. We are proud to have collaborated with them to bring this revolutionary building to the people of Kansas City and beyond."

—Paul Kempinski

Children's Mercy | CEO

Saint Luke's East Flex Capacity Built By McCownGordon Construction in Lee's Summit
The team at McCownGordon is unmatched. Collaboration, problem solving and integrity are key traits that they brought to the table. We're proud to have partnered with them to expand our healthcare services."

—Andy Amor

Saint Luke's East | Manager of Facilities

Marcus Watts
My favorite part of my internship was my project team! I've never been in a work place like McCownGordon. I was excited to go to work each day to learn from and work with the awesome people on my job site."

—Marcus Watts

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

MGC staff
My favorite part of the internship was Friday site tours. I interned many places, but never really saw much outside of my tasks until experiencing the McCownGordon Internship Program. By living proximal to other interns, I was prepared to develop and maintain an important part of McCownGordon post-graduation, RELATIONSHIPS.  "

—Nija Threat

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

major walker
My favorite part of the internship was getting to meet the great people both in this company and in the group of interns. Most of the interns who also work for McCownGordon are now my good friends. Every single time I reached out to an employee of McCownGordon for help I was greeted with enthusiasm and willingness to help."

—Major Walker

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

Beau Lynch
My favorite part of the internship was the exposure of jobs we got to tour. While we might all be spread out throughout the week, it really brought the company together in perspective as we toured several jobs across Kansas."

—Beau Lynch

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

michelle reed
I loved realizing that I was not just a number to the company – my opinions and thoughts mattered and no matter who I talked to on the executive team or on my project, they provided positive advice and feedback for my future and always had an open door to listen."

—Michelle Reed

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

daniel martinez
Being an intern for McCownGordon Construction was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to learn about the construction industry and have real responsibilities, but I also got to build relationships with a lot of friendly people."

—Daniel Martinez

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

micquille robinson
My favorite memory from the summer was the jobsite tours and interaction with so many different people along the way. I learned so many neat things from the various stages of the jobsites we visited. It really allowed me to retain more from my internship, considering it was in-person experiences in lieu of learning it from a classroom setting."

—Micquille Robinson

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

Through my internship with McCownGordon, I discovered my passion for working on a jobsite! The daily interaction with trade partners that I was able to experience built on my educational foundation of the building process. I was encouraged to explore my strengths as an individual and learn to apply them to team environments. Everyone at McCownGordon made me feel like a valued member of the team. I couldn’t wait to come back full-time!"

—Lauren Franken

2018 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2019

When I started my summer internship with McCownGordon I instantly became part of the team and gained responsibilities. I learned something new almost every single day. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience."

—Emily Sherwood

2015 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2017

The McCownGordon staff has been great to work with. We have had very few problems and when a problems have come up they've been quick to address them."

—Kate Ryan

KSU Foundation | Executive Operations Specialist

We always enjoyed a great sense of friendship and brotherhood here. I wanted to ensure we maintained that as best we could. McCownGordon did an exceptional job bringing it together for us and we went to them because we knew of their reputation, quality of construction, and the attitude of their employees."

—Ron Shaffer

PIKE House KSU | Member & Alumni

I, as an owner, never had a bad day on this project and this project was 24 months long. We kept the school open, so for me as an owner to not ever have a bad day is a big deal."

—Kris Upson

USD 305 | Owner

Without question, the final product of this design-build endeavor beat the KCFD’s expectations. Owner driven change orders aside, this project came in under budget and under schedule without any sacrifice of quality or specs."

—Sal Monteleone

City of Kansas City, Missouri | Deputy Chief

The McCownGordon team establishes relationships with everyone involved in the project through open communication, honesty and hard work. The team listens, understands and prioritizes the needs of the client and works to improve the project every step of the way from pre-construction to construction and delivery. They constantly strive to exceed your expectations. The attention to detail in estimating costs and providing creative cost-saving solutions help maximize the budget and improve the overall project."

—Thomas L.G. Price

Kansas Bureau of Investigation | Director

McCownGordon has been an excellent resource over the last five years. Their expertise in pharmaceutical construction and clean room construction has been vital in making several BIVI projects a success.  Not only do they have great experience, but they have shown to be very flexible as a company and very easy to work with. I am very satisfied with their performance and would use them again in the future."

—Jerry McMillen

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

McCownGordon did an outstanding job coordinating the work and was very effective in addressing any construction issues that arose."

—Tim Geary

Stowers Institute for Medical Research | Senior Director of Research Operations

McCownGordon’s team was excellent to work with throughout the entire project. Their dedication to the success of the project was evident from the start. The project schedule was a challenging one but never in doubt because McCownGordon diligently kept it at the forefront."

—J. Joseph Waters

Johnson County, Kansas | Director

The team was able to plug in numbers as we were talking and examining space by square footage. They provided live updates on how the costs increased or decreased based on the design changes. So, we were very impressed with all the preconstruction knowledge and framework that McCownGordon and Health Facilities Group brought to the table for the Clay County Medical Center project."

—Austin Gillard

Clay County Medical Center | CEO

I know it saves a lot of time and trouble when I can look at somebody in the room and say, ‘Why would I want this instead of this?’ or ‘What were the consequences of going that direction versus that direction?’ And not only do I get the functional answer but I get the money answer."

—Karen Shumate

Lawrence Memorial Hospital | Owner’s Representative

University of Kansas health systems x-ray
The design and construction teams have been phenomenal groups to work with. I so appreciate their collaboration with us."

—Mary Bianchi

The University of Kansas Health System | RN, Nursing Director

university of kansas volleyball court in lawrence, kansas
What makes working with McCownGordon stand out is their people. Their focus on relationships and ability to go above and beyond to meet our needs really shines through."

—Brad Nachtigal

University of Kansas Athletics | Associate Athletic Director - Operations/Capital Projects

They manage their subcontractors very well. They know their trade partners, and if they do not have experience with a subcontractor, they take certain steps to protect the project with a new subcontractor. If they make a mistake, they take the responsibility and correct the issue. This does not happen often, but with any construction project issues come up and they handle these in a very professional manner that leaves the owner feeling good."

—Ron Cattelino

Kansas City Art Institute | Executive Vice President of Administration

I was particularly impressed with the commitment from McCownGordon. The operations team proved unrelenting in finding solutions that kept our budget and timeline. The firm’s professionalism, skill, integrity and capabilities made an impossible project prove a wonderful reality."

—David Mucci

University of Kansas | Director

The strongest asset McCownGordon brings to a team is the firm’s commitment to the partnership approach and the client-focused philosophy to which they adhere. The team listens and administers engaged communication while providing guidance and leadership that allows us to make the best-informed decisions. I am impressed with their skillful handling of difficult situations and their professional attitude in dealing with challenges."

—Greg Lohrentz

Kansas State University Foundation | Chief Operation Officer/Chief Financial Officer

In the preconstruction phases, McCownGordon’s team collaborated seamlessly with our design team. At each phase, the team developed high quality, encompassing estimates, which allowed us to track the cost of construction down to the dollar. Their preconstruction team also provided a number of creative options, saving money and making the most of our funding dollars."

—Dean Johnson

Crossroads Academy | Executive Director

I grew up in Tehran, Iran, and moved to the U.S. when I was 21. Being a Jayhawk at heart, I married a Wildcat and we set our roots in KC. We love raising our boys in a community that is engaged, diverse and strives for inclusion and empowerment. Having been in the construction industry for more than a decade, I came across story after story of McCownGordon’s reputation, their loyalty to their clients and partners in the region, their core values that are carried at the heart of every decision made, their sustained growth and success, and last, but not least, their PEOPLE. It was a natural choice for me."

—Pegah Karstens

McCownGordon | Senior Project Manager

In the preconstruction phase the team worked collaboratively with the architect to develop a number of cost-saving solutions for the project. By utilizing a team approach, they were able to bring valuable cost-saving ideas to the project enabling our district to maximize the project scope while being cognizant of the community’s dollars."

—Kyle Hayden

Blue Valley School District | Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Two Project Engineers collaborating on a jobsite

We enjoy a good pat on the back. 

McCownGordon believes in making the most of every project, every day.

We’ve been consistently recognized for this commitment. Not just for our excellence in construction, but for our dynamic workplace and team camaraderie. 

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