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Our Specialty Services department consist of engineers, trade partners, architects and code officials who became experts in their fields and joined McCownGordon to better help our clients during preconstruction and construction. Because this robust department has been on all sides of the table they see your project through multiple lenses. Specialty Services compliments the project team and provides an unparalleled knowledge and focus.
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Engineering services

Our Engineering Services department focuses on the complex systems in your building. The mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural (MEPS) components can be up to sixty percent of your overall project costs, so it is vital we have specialized individuals that know these systems inside and out. The team communicates heavily with the design team and reviews the drawings during preconstruction through the eyes of their specialty. They look for constructability issues, potential scope overlaps/gaps and options that might be more cost-effective or easier to install and maintain. With the help of the Engineering Services, our project team assembles the most accurate estimates and fills in any gaps before construction begins.

Engineering Services also assists with a seamless transition during construction. The department assists with scheduling of long lead items, ensuring the MEPS systems are installed properly, and provide feedback on installation time and potential man-hour requirements to help the operations team stay on track. The department continues involvement through post construction assisting with troubleshooting or any warranty items that may occur.

We ensure your project team has the specialized individuals that know these systems inside and out. Engineering Services is here to help make sure you are paying the right price for right-sized systems. As an owner, you’ll have a higher level of confidence your building meets your expectations.


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Our Commissioning team serves to improve the energy efficiency of a building and reduce overall costs of operation for the owner. By utilizing our in-house team instead of trade partners to commission a building, you’ll benefit from a more streamlined and less subjective process.

Our specialty service team will already be well-acquainted with your project which makes the commissioning process seamless. Working closely with McCownGordon on commissioning during preconstruction offers owners numerous benefits, including reduced costs, fewer delays, and more sustainable and efficient designs. In addition, McCownGordon can commission already completed projects through retro-commissioning, allowing for under-performing systems to be assessed and enhanced to provide maximum efficiency.

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The VDC team is our technical liaison division in the Specialty Services department. Their hallmark is clash detection where the team models to “build the building virtually” before we ever move dirt to manage risk with minimal impact. Coordination meetings identify the clashes and develop resolutions with trade partners before construction begins. Holding these virtual reviews increases the level of quality control early to reduce costly field conflicts later.

Virtual mock ups of complex portions of the project provide field operations additional details to determine how many trade partners are involved and the logistics behind assembly.

Laser scanning of an existing building creates millions of data points when there are no drawings available, which provides a field-accurate model where nothing existed before.

In-wall photography documents what’s behind a wall from start to finish. This technology lets you hold up an iPad to the wall and see the hidden duct work and conduit.

Our VDC department researches and tests the latest emerging technology to bring the best options to our clients for a better building experience. Then they share that technology with owners, architects, engineers and trade partners to maximize efficiencies for project success.

These advanced digital tools add value throughout the entire project timeline; reducing cost, time and waste, while improving efficiency and quality.

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Quality is an integral part of how we do work rooted in one of our three core values: Performance. A cornerstone of Delivering the Best Building Experience is our team’s commitment and dedication to a relentless pursuit of quality, which results in more long-lasting facilities with fewer changes during construction.

Our in-house quality control department and on-site superintendent proactively manage quality in collaboration with our trade partners. They engage trade partners early to enhance communication throughout the project and align quality expectations right from the start and set a team mindset to deliver the very best project for our client.

Our Site-Specific Quality Control Plan (SSQCP) details the client’s expectations and sets the stage for proactive quality management through the major phases of the project. Our team capitalizes on innovative technology, strict enforcement and dogged follow up to ensure quality compliance.

The Importance of Quality Control

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Safety is a top priority on every McCownGordon project. Our team adheres to strict procedures for everyone working on a project site. Through consistency and accountability, we continually improve safety standards and strive to achieve an elite safety culture. Ongoing training keeps all McCownGordon associates updated with the most accurate safety information. Our safety team provides a more efficient experience for preplanning, audits, corrective actions and continual training by maximizing technology throughout the process.

A crucial component of our safety program is preplanning. Prior to ever stepping foot on the job site, McCownGordon’s project team completes a thorough review of safety requirements and risks evaluation, which lays the groundwork for a complete site-specific safety plan.

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