Construction Company Safety Program: What to Expect from McCownGordon Construction

photo of construction hats as part of a construction safety program

All construction projects, no matter how big or small, require a detailed safety and plan that considers the full scope of work.

Our construction company safety program at McCownGordon Construction enables us to surpass customer expectations each and every time. Rest assured when you work with our solution-driven team, you are getting the best of the best the Midwest has to offer. 

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Putting safety first at all times 

Creating a construction company safety program for our Midwest clients means having a thorough knowledge of the project’s scope. To do this, we sit down and outline factors such as:

  • Requirement
  • Challenges 
  • Necessary precautions (i.e. high rise and fall protection)
  • Material deliveries 
  • Electrical work
  • Chemical issues 
  • Abatement issues
  • And more

From there, we use our in-depth understanding of the project to plan out specifics to promote safety. In some instances, especially with tight or occupied construction sites, we go above and beyond to work with our clients, trade partners, and employees to ensure everyone is on the same page. To further create safe environment, we may utilize extra precautions such as:

  • Signage
  • Fencing
  • Road/sidewalk blocking
  • Alternative routes options
  • Handrails 
  • Fire escapes
  • Traffic flow solutions

In addition, rather than utilizing traditional hard hats, McCownGordon has officially made the switch to hard helmets. Since we pride ourselves on remaining on the forefront of the best construction practices, we have completed a lot of research on the new head gear, including feedback from our team. 

With case studies and overall incidents across the construction industry, upgrading our hard hats was a necessary, proactive move to show our associates how much we care. In fact, we are one of the first construction companies in the Kansas City area to utilize these new helmets, proving that we put innovation and advancement at the center of all we do. 

Discover how our construction company safety program can work for your next project

At McCownGordon, our team of builders and engineers maintain a customer-focused mentality, allowing us to outperform even your highest expectations. Dedicated to promoting integrity, performance and relationships, it’s our people and values that truly make the difference. 

Our customers aren’t simply another project; they’re an extension of our team and community. Together, we don’t just build—we bring creative visions to life. From first thought to final nail, we deliver quality work to ensure our builds stand above the rest. 

We have three regional offices around the Midwest—Kansas City, Manhattan and Wichita. Call us at 888-304-4929 or use our free online quote tool to start building today. 

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