The four stages of project approach

Integrated Project Delivery Method - Collaboration with owner

At McCownGordon Construction, our project approach spans the timeline of the project. We’re hard at work before the project is awarded because we know how important that early effort is going to be by the time it gets to the build phase. 

Here is a brief overview of our four stage project approach.


Pursuing the project

The very first thing we have to do is learn as much as we can about any potential project that comes our way. We take RFPs seriously, and when we believe we’re the best possible fit for a job, you can bet we’re going to do our due diligence to prove it. For us, a big part of that due diligence is understanding the why of the project. Knowing that we’re going to be building a hospital is a small part of a much larger idea. What led the owners of the project to their decision to expand? What is the ultimate goal of the project? Who is the end user going to be? Will the client we’re working with end up selling the building within five to ten years? We dig into all of this and more.


Preconstruction stage

We call it preconstruction; some folks call it the design phase. At McCownGordon, 85% of our work is delivered through collaborative processes during preconstruction. Our attention to detail this early allows the owner to make the best possible decisions and ensures construction goes off without a hitch. We bring all stakeholders together to develop the management plan that will guide the entire project.

We engage our teams to perform evaluations of mechanical and structural systems. We’re doing things like checking the constructability of different materials, meeting with trade partners regularly, and doing virtual design and construction.

By ensuring we make big decisions early and successfully, design won’t have to go back and redo things and it prevents instances of late value engineering. All aspects of our project approach are important, preconstruction is simply one of the most in depth. 


Construction stage

Construction consists of the bricks and sticks, nuts and bolts of putting a building together. We build the construction phase upon the success of our preconstruction approaches. By the time contractors are on the site putting things together, our project approach has already gone through the logistics and scheduling to make sure the build phase is easy. Our holistic project approach means the construction team is involved in preconstruction, and the preconstruction team will continue to be engaged during construction. This consistency of leadership means no one has to worry about a loss of understanding along the way. It is a cohesive team from day one.


Closing out

Closing out a project involves heavy coordination with the client to determine how they’re moving in. We are essentially cleaning up and moving forward from what has been an active construction site, putting the final touches together and training the occupants in how to use their new facility for a successful move in.

At McCownGordon, our close out phase includes about a year of maintaining close contact after the owners have moved in. We’ll check in at least quarterly (usually more often than that) to make sure things are operating as they should. Seasonal changes can really wreak havoc on new construction and in Wichita, we get all four seasons (sometimes in one day!). So it can take a full year to really dial in on how to optimize a new building for the changing seasons. Because we are anticipating these issues, our approach tends to be a little more proactive than the competition. 


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