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What is a Management Plan?

At McCownGordon Construction, the management plan is the basis of your entire project. Our project approach puts emphasis on communication and planning, the management plan is how we maintain consistency throughout the timeline of the project.

The management plan is something we work with all stakeholders to create. It’s the first thing we do for projects, sometimes the management plan comes before the contract itself. 


Meeting with stakeholders

Once we have been awarded a project, we gather the team together for an all-day meeting. Some companies may think “the team” at that point consists of the owner and the project manager, but we think much bigger. Our management plan meeting will include ALL key figures throughout the construction process. Architects, trade contractors, project owners—everyone comes together at the very beginning in order to establish a single vision of the final project. 


Incorporating goals

Everyone involved in a project is going to have goals. The owner of the project has the root goal of building a new or enhanced structure to meet their needs. An architect may have a goal to try something new based on an idea sparked by the RFP. An electrical contractor may have a goal of reaching higher levels of sustainability. When we bring everyone together and discuss everyone’s dreams and visions for the project (provided they don’t conflict with the owner’s vision), we are able to develop a deeper and more thorough understanding. That greater understanding from our thorough project approach leads to better outcomes. 


Why the plan matters

Construction projects are some of the biggest and most complex projects anyone can take on. We have learned over our years of experience how important it is to have a plan and stick with it. Through advances in construction technology we can build digital models before ever breaking ground. We can literally see the future, but only if we have input from all the players involved and only if we create and stick to a detailed plan of action. 

The management plan includes the budget, the schedule, and every small detail that we are going to be referring back to over the course of two to three years. The management plan allows us to establish the cadence and rhythm of the project early so we can all rock out on getting things done right. Without a good plan in place, we wouldn’t be able to execute the stages of our project approach with precision. 


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