What are engineering services in construction?

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You may know what engineering is and what engineering firms do, but what are engineering services in construction and how does it work?

At McCownGordon Construction, our building performance solutions offer multiple services during design and preconstruction, but we also provide services through construction. These services help to give owners peace of mind that the complex systems in their buildings have the right components and work efficiently throughout the build.

Choosing the Right Firm: The Benefits of Construction Engineering Services

Read on to learn more about how our in-house engineers work to make the construction phase go seamlessly.

In-house engineering services help with maintaining schedule

Construction schedules are constantly getting shorter while buildings are getting more complex. Maintaining a schedule with various trade partner activities requires multiple eyes and an understanding of systems and installation. The engineering services experience of MEPS systems and background managing trade partners give us keen insight on being able to identify potential issues before they become construction delays. Being able to understand installation is behind or adequate manpower is not onsite early (and how that may affect other trades) can save multiple hours and fees on a project and help to deliver the project on time and on budget.

In-house engineering services provide attention to detail

Every project is made up of innumerable parts. With up to 30+ various trades installing different materials, equipment and programming, it can be overwhelming. McCownGordon has you covered. Our engineering services team is checking those important details such as anchor bolt sizes to piping supports to wiring connections. These small details could cause bigger issues down the road, especially if they are hidden behind walls or under slabs.

Do In-House Engineering Services Replace Engineering Firms?

In-house engineering services offer solutions

Construction can be just as much of an art as it is a science; even the best plans may not go as planned. Being adaptable is as much of a skill as knowledge of the subject although it is helpful to have both. Engineering services in construction exhibit these skills as needed. Some issues on site require a team effort. By understanding the systems in question and drawing on design and installation experience, we can provide alternate solutions that meet owner expectations and reduce time delays or large cost changes.

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