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Regardless of the project, maximizing a budget can make a world of difference, and this often starts with the most complex systems. Although you won’t see most mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural (MEPS) components after your build is complete, they can take up to 60 percent of your total budget.

In other words, MEPS systems are extremely important when considering your budget and optimizing your facility’s long-term success. For instance HVAC unit controls could affect your building’s ability to meet temperature and humidity requirements which could then funnel into future problems down the road.

That is exactly why McCownGordon Construction believes finding a firm with in-house construction engineering services offers the highest level of quality assurance and ensures you get what you need without compromising your budget. With the targeted expertise, you can better streamline your project, gain the most out of your money and create the best outcome for your needs.

Keep reading to learn more on why choosing a construction firm with construction engineering services could be a great solution for your project.

The importance of engineering during the construction process

Of course, you want your building to look nice, but you also want it to function properly to meet occupant needs. To do so, you will need the help of high-quality and experienced engineers. Think about everything that goes into your home. You need your lights to work, water to run, cooling and/or heating to energize—crucial components which make your space liveable. The same goes for any construction project.

McCownGordon’s Engineering Services Department understands these systems and works with the preconstruction and construction teams to make sure that we have priced the systems appropriately, identified any missing scope and that systems are installed per the contract documents. We are also there after occupancy to help you get familiar with your new space. This allows us to act as a connection point between you and your engineering firm, which helps everyone remain on the same page throughout the process.

Do in-house construction engineering services make a difference?

Most likely, you or your construction management firm will hire a separate engineering firm to design MEPS components and a subcontractor to install them. While design engineers are critical to the overall construction project, imagine if you extend that knowledge even further with in-house engineering services.

Do In-House Engineering Services Replace an Engineering Firm? →

When a construction firm has its own engineers, the team can help fill in gaps and become a connecting point for you and the engineering firm. This allows for more streamlined information and effective problem solving throughout each step. Keep in mind, a construction firm’s engineering services doesn’t take the place of an actual engineering firm. Rather, it is designed to complement the firm’s work and verify you are getting the most out of your money.

Benefits of using McCownGordon’s engineering services

As leaders in the construction industry, we have found the more resources we can offer our clients, the better we can serve them. Our goal is to create the best builds out there, and the only way to do so is through specialty services that make our process even more efficient.

For this reason, we have brought together a team of engineers and past trade partners who specialize in complex MEPS systems. With our team, we help you understand how the engineering aspect of your build connects to your overall budget and create more accurate estimates. We are also on the lookout for any potential challenges that may arise with these complex systems. Identifying any potential issues early on and working to create solutions that are cost-effective and user-friendly helps to eliminate costly change orders and schedule hangups. Our engineers are consistently working as an extension of you to help reduce future headaches.

A streamlined process from preconstruction to post-construction

When there are a lot of moving parts but nothing to connect them together, problems may arise that could hurt your budget, timeline or both. To alleviate this issue as much as possible, we integrate our engineering services as early as possible. Typically, that starts in preconstruction.

During this phase, we act as a bridge between design and construction. We want to make sure your design holds the engineering capabilities you need without overspending as well as meeting your needs and abilities of staff, future costs, etc. One way this happens is through collaboration with our preconstruction estimating team. An accurate estimate helps you prepare for what’s to come, and while we still keep room open for contingencies, we want to limit the amount of financial surprises. Early stages of design may have multiple unknowns; our engineering services team can fill in the gaps or create options, so you don’t have to wait for trade partners.

As the construction process continues, we are still right along with you. Throughout the process, we are always verifying each aspect of the MEPS systems are installed correctly. We pride ourselves on being your partner; therefore, if anything comes up, we will notify you right away. Again, this leads to problem solving and resolutions before costly delays or rework..

Even after your build is complete, our engineering services team is still hard at work. At the end of the day, some issues may not arise until people are using the building. We are available to help with troubleshooting such as temperature control, lighting and mechanical issues.

An “owner” mindset to help you save money

The design firms have one basic job: determining which components you need to get your build operating properly. From there they say, “This is how much it will all cost.” At McCownGordon we take that cost and ask, “Are there ways we can get more value out of this?” In many cases, the answer is yes.

Our knowledge allows us to take what the engineering firm needs and find alternatives that work in the same way but save you money. We take time to compare everything to ensure you are getting the best deal and quality. For example, we may compare a rooftop unit to a four-pipe hydronic air handling unit to analyze which option will suit you and your budget best.

Another side of value comes from properly working systems. You don’t simply want to think about the initial costs, you also want to consider recurring and lifetime costs. Consider this: if your build has installed a system that creates maintenance headaches such as poor filter access or complicated controls, those systems may degrade over time resulting in higher monthly bills or sooner than expected replacement costs. Our engineering services team is on the lookout for these potential issues and other installation errors in order to turnover a building that meets expectations. This also coincides with our dedication to quality control and assurance for each project.

It can be stressful enough to take on a new construction project or start on a renovation project, especially when it comes to building a budget. We understand worrying about surprises or finding out items may cost more than you originally expected. Fortunately, through our experienced mindset, we take your goals and transform them into a reality that won’t break the bank.

Final takeaway: Do I need a management firm with construction engineering services?

Engineering services can be the ultimate tool to maximize the success of your project. In particular, our services at McCownGordon expand the reach of traditional firms by providing more accurate cost estimating earlier in the process, providing different cost-reducing options, delivering higher quality outcomes and promoting value above all.

We push our engineering services team (and all our associates) to “think like an owner,” meaning we know how to put ourselves in your shoes. Everything we consider throughout the process keeps your goals in mind. That is exactly why we regularly meet with clients to ensure we’re always on the right path.

Regardless of project size, scope or budget, engineering services can help you streamline your project, bridge the gap between architects and engineers, and design a build that uses your dollar wisely. If you ever have any questions on what our engineering services include, you can always speak to one of our associates and we’d be more than happy to help you get started.

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