Do in-house engineering services replace engineering firms?

When you hear of a construction firm offering building performance solutions such as engineering, you may believe you won’t have to hire an engineering firm for your project. However, that’s not the case.

At McCownGordon Construction, our in-house engineering services offer major benefits for our clients, including the assurance we’ll create the best building for their needs. Although we complement engineering firms, our services don’t replace those firms.

Choosing the Right Firm: The Benefits of Construction Engineering Services

Read on to learn more about how our in-house engineers collaborate with outside firms.

In-house engineering services help with accurate estimating

Engineering firms can tell you exactly what you need in terms of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural components (MEPS), but they often don’t develop estimates or provide detailed installation costs of those systems. When you’re building a budget for your project using a firm that doesn’t have this in-house expertise, they may have gaps or even higher contingencies to make up for the future design. Keep in mind that these systems could be anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of your budget, meaning there may be a huge chunk you’re missing or a large amount of money dedicated to unknowns.

If you hire a construction management company with its own in-house engineering team, you gain more insight into how much those components will cost. As a result, you have a more accurate estimate during preconstruction to help reduce any surprises down the line.

In-house engineering services can maximize your budget

Engineering firms focus on designing systems to meet your needs; however, some firms don’t always focus on long-term costs, maintenance or installation needs. Due to that, they may not give you options that could save you money, both initially or long-term. Our in-house team at McCownGordon focuses on providing multiple options to show value in both the long and short term. With our extensive engineering knowledge, we understand these complex systems and are able to work with the design engineers to provide the owner with all of the information they need to make the best decision for their building.

In-house engineering services act as quality assurance

Whenever you have a new build or a renovation project, you want to make sure all your engineering components come together properly, fit with the design and work properly once the build is complete. In doing so, you reduce the possibility of major problems arising in the future. With our engineering services team, you get the quality assurance you need to feel at peace. Our team always double checks installations and ensures systems are up to standard. You can think of us as an extension of you, the owner, with focused knowledge and expertise in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural systems.

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