McCownGordon Employee Spotlights – Kyle

Anthony and Eisenhower Recreation Centers

Project Manager, Kyle Montoya


Kyle Montoya is a project manager in the McCownGordon Manhattan office. He’s been a valuable member of our team since 2015. Whether he’s enjoying the profound sense of accomplishment from finishing a project that improves the local community or sharing in the success of every associate because we are 100% employee-owned, Kyle is proud to have an impact.

Construction is a fast-paced industry, but it remains very flexible. One day a project manager may find themselves in a business office presenting to a client, the next they could be walking the jobsite in their PPE or providing tours to local high school students. 

Kyle strongly believes in McCownGordon’s culture and our emphasis on relationship building.

“We spend a lot of time with the people we work with,” Kyle said. “What’s unique about McCownGordon is the relationships outside of work that we create.” 

We see the work we do as so much more than construction projects. Because of that philosophy, relationships are the first thing we build. Whether getting involved with local community organizations or getting coworkers together for fun, the associates on our team value camaraderie and investing in the places we live. 

As an employee-owned company, one person’s success is everyone’s success at McCownGordon. Our team is always working toward the same goals for the betterment of all. Nothing supports our core values of Integrity, Performance, and Relationships the same way employee ownership does. 

“Being employee-owned creates a very different drive to grow the company,” Kyle said. “I know the decisions I make each day can positively affect myself as well as other associates’ long-term career goals. This makes me want to continue to grow, even on those tough days.” 

Kyle was a key player in our Anthony and Eisenhower Recreation Center projects in Manhattan, the first projects he has completed in the community where he lives. These projects provided the city of Manhattan with additional basketball, volleyball, and other sports courts in addition to a running track and rentable event space. 

“There has been a large need to increase recreation space in town for the past 10 years, and to be a part of bettering our community was very rewarding,” he said. 

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