In case you missed it: Petfood Forum 2023

With its most attendees in history, this year’s petfood forum brought together the brightest in the pet food manufacturing industry for a few days of education, networking and trends in the heart of Kansas City. From robo dogs to kitten snuggles to service dogs we’re bringing you the top five things you may have missed from the event this year:  

  1. Human-grade ingredients. “If I wouldn’t eat it, why would I feed it to my dog?” Pet food and human food are processed and packaged with the same stringent level of safety and quality protocols in place.  We are seeing more higher-level ingredients that help us keep our fur babies happy and healthy that are in line with the FDA- and USDA-monitored food and beverage manufacturing facilities we complete. 
  2. Recession-resistant market. With less disposable income consumers may cut back on pet spending when times are tight. Some families also may choose to delay a pet adoption or purchase, both which could reduce spending. But in today’s world we treat our pets like our kids and often will reprioritize other expenses to ensure happy and healthy pets. Sign up for our quarterly construction economics report to stay on top of the market.  
  3. Packaging Matters. The bags, pouches and cans we’re using are evolving. From transparent packaging for consumers to gauge freshness, to biodegradable packaging solutions that enhance a brand’s sustainability pet food packaging is transforming based on consumer’s needs. We saw functional packages that can serve as an on-the-go bowl and measuring cups incorporated into packaging to ensure our pets get the right amount. 
  4.  Automated solutions. Pet food industry clients are actively seeking ways to enhance efficiency in order to increase or sustain production levels and ensure product safety. In addition, the growing use of automation is compensating for the shortage of workers. We’ve seen a rise in demand for automation assessments, which serve as a swift and effortless way to evaluate the return on investment of incorporating novel technologies.
  5. Research is driving production. The top scientists and researchers in the industry are continuing to push the envelope and develop solutions to drive the industry into the future. Topics presented included: The effects of additional whey protein for senior Labrador Retrievers, how wet food processing techniques affect nutrient retention and feline palatability, analyzing canine demographics can help pet food manufacturers tailor products based on unique needs of the dog.  
  6. Relationships Matter. At our whiskey tasting/happy hour we connected with old and new friends and colleagues. Learning from others, sharing knowledge and networking are just a few of the reasons why we love meeting face to face with our pet food friends. We also got the bonus of showing off our corporate headquarters in downtown Kansas City. Join our manufacturing mailing list to get next year’s invite. 

Our leadership team has more than 125 years of manufacturing experience and has completed more than $1B in pet care facilities. Check out one of our most recent case studies of a food grade grind room expansion.

We had so much fun at this year’s Petfood Forum we can’t wait for next year’s event! If you’re interested in more from this event, please visit the link here.