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Manufacturing Facility Automation Assessments

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Man working on a manufacturing facility automation audit to improve efficiency
Manufacturing Facility Automation Audits

Maximize efficiencies 

Automation or semi-automation can increase efficiencies, improve employee safety, reduce headcount, and increase product quality. Our manufacturing engineering team can evaluate your manufacturing plant’s operations and processes to see if automation is right for your facility.

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Process Automation

Quickly becoming a standard tool for processing facilities, particularly food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer products, pet food, and beer and wine spirits, process automation can streamline your production, improve quality and enhance safety at your factory. As technology improves, automation can take on tasks such as integrated controls for the processing system, quality tracking, and inventory management and is a key growth strategy for many manufacturing plants.

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Man performing a manufacturing facility automation audit, a service McCownGordon offers to maximize efficiencies.

Packaging Automation

Automated food packaging is quickly becoming the norm for nearly every segment of the food industry: dairy, snacks, meat, confections, beverages, pet food, and beer, wine and spirits. Manufacturers have quickly realized the ROI on automating factories with material loading, depalletizing/palletizing, case packing, denesting and end of line packaging systems. Our team can provide an extensive audit on your manufacturing packaging systems to determine the right solutions that increase production and quality. Our audits can focus on safety, automation, decreasing headcount, improving OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), increase throughput, and much more.

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Why automate?

There are a number of key reasons why a manufacturer may want to automate operations at their facility.

  1. Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By using automation equipment your facility can run more effectively and efficiently than a manual operation.
  2. Increase safety. By using automation equipment there is less room for human error, which provides a safer environment for manufacturing employees.
  3. Improved product. Implementing automation equipment provides a greater control and consistently of the factory operations and in turn produces a better product.
  4. Reduce waste.  Automation can use less energy than a traditionally run plant. It also provides plant engineers with data to further drive efficiencies in production.

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Engineer performing a manufacturing automation assessment, a service the McCownGordon manufacturing team provides

Audit Results

After our engineering team completes their in-depth analysis of existing plant operations and processes, we deliver a detailed report with our findings. Diving deep into ways to save time, money and manpower, the report is prioritized with low-risk, high-yield adaptions for our clients to consider implementing. Our automation assessments have been extremely beneficial for our manufacturing clients’ capital budgeting review process.  

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