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Even with limited space, it is important to maintain a clean work environment to ensure the safety of everyone involved. At McCownGordon Construction we believe a clean job site is a safe job site. Therefore, we implement organized protocols that emphasize how to keep a tight construction site safe and clean for all. 

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What is a tight construction site?

A tight construction site is any build location with limited space. For example, construction projects in downtown Kansas City would be considered tight sites. Unlike areas with ample space, a construction company must maximize the space they have without overcrowding or cluttering the work area. 

1. Build a proactive site-specific safety plan

Weeks ahead of the actual build process, it is important we visit the site to understand its unique hazards. From there, we create a site-specific safety plan that addresses aspects such as:

  • Deliveries 
  • Traffic
  • Signage
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Fencing
  • And more

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2. Implement pull planning for smooth operations

In many cases, disarray and clutter stem from an unorganization. Pull planning is a collaborative, visual representation of the project flow that uses color coding to strategically organize each project. Each color represents a trade partner; the number of colors for a specific task represents how many days that task will take to complete.

Through this process, instead of us directing what the scheduling will look like, we allow our team to estimate the duration of each task, then we build the schedule around it. 

Pull planning also aids with material sequencing. When dealing with a tight build, all of the needed materials can’t be on site at once. That would take up a lot of space and could potentially become hazardous for building occupants. 

To solve this issue, pull planning highlights which materials would be needed at what time. This enables us to have the materials on site right when we need them. Instead of having a packed space, we make sure our work area remains clean with enough room to efficiently perform the task at hand.

3. Take pride in the work

We are proud of every single one of our builds, so we treat them as such. As we work, we make sure to pick up trash, lunch scraps and anything that could create a dirty space. In addition, we want our customers to be proud of our work, too. Therefore, we eliminate anything that would make them feel like they’re entering an unsafe site.

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