Five reasons you should hire a construction company with a guidelines and procedures for construction of healthcare facilities

Truman Medical Center University II room with doctor and patient

Healthcare construction has to be some of the most detailed and safe construction. Construction in a healthcare environment is distinctive for many different reasons and all relate to our important customer – the patient. Patients in your facility are cared for 24 hours a day, seven days a week by all levels of medical professionals. Each of these professionals has a standard of care to maintain, none of which should be impeded by construction activities. The builder you choose to builder or renovate your healthcare facility must understand the critical nature of the services we provide in the patient care environment. One sign they understand the process is if they have a guideline and procedure book to demonstrate their knowledge and to help you as the owner better understand their processes.

Five reasons you should hire a construction company with a guidelines and procedures book

1. Safety of patients and staff

The most important goal during construction on an active healthcare campus is the safety of patients and staff. In the guidelines and procedures you’ll understand how the healthcare construction team will utilize their infection control and interim life safety measures.

2.  Less stress on staff and facility director

We understand your staff and facility director have patients and the facility to take care of. The last thing we want to do is cause additional stress to your team. Knowing the healthcare team understands how to minimize disruptions and construction contamination will put your team at ease. Our healthcare construction team’s job is to ensure your staff and facility director can focus on their daily job and not worry about the construction.

3. Proactive planning and communication

Having a guidelines and procedures book allows everyone to start on the same page. Starting the process with the same understanding helps the project kickstart on the right foot. If anyone has any questions, they can reference the guideline and procedure book first before reaching out to the team.

4. Clear understanding of expectations

When everyone understands all the healthcare guidelines and procudures at the start of the project, all expectations are understood. Knowing what to expect during a construction process make it run smoother.

5. Patient and staff experience

We know that patient and staff satisfaction and their experience plays a large role in how your healthcare facility is ran. A good healthcare construction team and their guidelines and procedures book ensures the construction impact is minimal. This means having temporary walls to hide construction from operations and completing certain work around your staff’s schedule as much as possible.


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