WWMB@20: Whitworth is attracted to HR by an interest in ‘what makes people tick’

As seen in the Kansas City Business Journal by Leslie Collins, (September 6, 2019). 

It’s obvious what Nancy Whitworth does by the knickknacks on her desk.

There’s a small lighted sign that says “I love HR” and a travel mug emblazoned with “Keep calm and call HR.” One prominent sign has the Winston Churchill quote: “Never never never give up.”

“It’s just inspirational to me,” said Whitworth, chief people officer for McCownGordon Construction. “When I come across obstacles ­— even if they seem overwhelming — if I can break it down into little pieces and just get through it one part at a time, I can accomplish pretty much anything.”

It’s an approach she learned from her mother.

“In kindergarten, I was so shy, I think they thought I was slow,” she said. “My mom was a really big influence on me because she worked with me and she coached me.”

Her mother made flash cards with sentences from books so Whitworth could practice reading aloud and build self-confidence.

“She always believed in me. If I would say, ‘My friend is so smart, or ‘My friend is so cool,’ she’d say, ‘So are you.’ She would always bring up my strengths.”

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