The importance of customer experience in the construction journey

McCownGordon associates collaborating with an owner on a construction site

Complex construction projects can often leave clients feeling unheard and undervalued. In fact, it has been reported that 83% of customers will switch companies due to a poor customer experience. This means we have one chance to get it right. A dedication to customer experience allows clients to feel valued and supported through a smooth and straightforward construction process.

Customer experience is everything. It’s time to get it right.

Keeping up with clients’ priorities

Construction projects are inherently complex, long-lasting endeavors with uncontrollable forces often causing additional challenges. Therefore, most clients must rely on the construction manager to guide them through the process. While clients’ priorities are constantly changing, it is crucial to create a construction journey that is committed to the clients’ needs. Clients must know they have a trusted advisor they can rely on to identify problems and bring innovative solutions to the table. The construction manager’s responsibility is to continually serve as responsible stewards of the project goals and budget.

The connection to associate engagement

Engaged associates are the key to a better customer experience. When provided with a highly engaged project team, clients can put trust in the construction firm to deliver a high-quality project. As customer experience improves, more opportunities arise for associates and clients to engage with one another to build long-lasting relationships and friendships, ultimately improving the ability to work as a unified team. Clients should look for a construction company that provides a straightforward and smooth process through accessible and helpful associates who foster genuine and long-standing relationships.

An example of great customer experience

At McCownGordon, we consistently work to raise the bar and, as part of our culture we strive to enhance the construction journey for our clients. The team out at the Derby Panther Stadium followed through on our customer experience promise and helped the client celebrate in late March 2021. Jaris Hye, superintendent out of the Wichita office, proposed an event to help our client celebrate a milestone in the project and engaged the community. He arranged for a special coin toss into the concrete poured for the deck of the press box.

For good luck, school officials and community members signed commemorative, Derby branded coins and flipped them into the poured concrete. The event brought over 30 individuals from the Derby Board of Education, school leadership and our team to help celebrate the milestone and engage the client. Choreographing this special moment for the client and end-user is a great example of our team living out our customer experience promise.

Why your company should invest in customer experience

A great customer experience means you were committed to finding positive outcomes through a unified team effort. While you may face several challenges, they are actually disguised as opportunities to grow and succeed.

In the construction industry, the implications of a positive customer experience are significant. By maintaining a client-focused approach, firms can create valuable relationships and gain better insight into clients’ needs. These valuable relationships translate into increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Once clients have placed trust in a construction firm to deliver on their vision, they are more likely to continue to hire them for future projects. Not only does this boost revenue, but it also leads to an increase in positive reviews and referrals.