Seven Fire Station Trends

Kansas City, Missouri Fire Station #39

One-third of a firefighter’s career is spent within the confines of a fire station. Creating a safe, high-quality living and working environment that will promote physical, social, and mental health well-being is of the utmost importance. McCownGordon understands the importance of creating spaces that will promote the health and well-being of the firefighters, not just while they are in service but long after they have served.

  1. Utilizing Four-Fold Doors to Expedite Response Times

Unlike the traditional slow-moving garage doors, these four-fold doors resemble an accordion-style design and allow for swifter and more efficient access, enhancing emergency response time.

2. Ensuring Firefighters’ Safety & Well-being

Mitigating carcinogen exposure by implementing a separate zone for soiled gear, positioned away from their sleeping quarters. Introducing boot wash stations and exploring HVAC systems or vestibules to establish clear boundaries between the polluted and uncontaminated areas. A considerable portion of a firefighter’s life revolves around these environments so maintaining their health and well-being is of the utmost importance.

3. Establishing Co-ed Settings and Versatile Facilities to Cater Equally to Both Genders

Featuring adaptable spaces for both men and women like separate changing areas and bunk rooms that serve exclusively as sleeping quarters.

4. Versatile Facilities

For example, the addition of community rooms for diverse uses.


5. Enhancing Comfort 

Bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating garage doors to bring fresh air into the workout area. Incorporating natural light in highly occupied areas: kitchen, day room, and apparatus area.

6. Low-Maintenance Spaces

For example, polished concrete flooring in the kitchen space, and alternative building materials on walls to prevent equipment-induced scratches.

7. Acoustic Enhancement

Implementing acoustic panels in the apparatus bay to eliminate echoes and improve the clarity of emergency calls.