Q&A with Amanda Tran, packaging manager

As seen in Construction Executive Magazine

Amanda Tran, packaging engineer at McCownGordon Construction

Get to know Amanda Tran, packaging manager for the Manufacturing Business Unit. Tran brings extensive, specialized expertise to the quickly growing business unit.


What is the future of your vertical (packaging engineering) in the construction space?

I think there will be a surge of multidisciplinary, engineering, procurement and construction-style projects that will incorporate both the “box” and the “inside-the-box” solutions.

Do you have any pets?

I don’t have any pets yet, but I am hoping to get a red miniature poodle in the future that would be named Ginger. I have niece and nephew poodles named Elleigh and Othello.

Describe a time you overcame a workplace challenge. How did this change your career?

On one project, there were some disagreements between the onsite team and the project management team due to different communication styles. This taught me to understand how to work with different communication types and the need to develop a communication plan early on in the project.

Disney or Pixar?

Disney. I love anything Marvel, with my favorite being “Guardians of the Galaxy”!

Is there a podcast you can’t stop listening to?

My recent obsession has been “The Dropout”, which follows the rise and fall of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes.

Do you prefer work from home, work from the office or hybrid?

I prefer hybrid. I love the flexibility that working from home brings, but I love mingling and working face-to-face with people in the office.

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, whom would you choose?

Oprah, in order to have the opportunity to talk to whomever I want and have immediate impact.

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