McCownGordon Employee Spotlights – Taylor

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Project Engineer, Taylor Robertson

Taylor Robertson started with McCownGordon in 2018 as a project engineer. His prior experience was as an estimator/project manager for a commercial electrical company doing hands-on work like gathering and delivering materials and operating large trucks. We knew he would excel as a project engineer because of his great communication skills and knowledge set.

Taylor’s role is working directly with various stakeholders on projects. He works directly with the field engineer and superintendent on site, ensuring they have all the answers they need to keep the project moving forward. Taylor is also responsible for keeping in contact with trade partners to ensure an adequate flow of information from the engineers and owners to the trade partners. 

“I communicate with owners, architects, and engineers for projects on a weekly basis,” Taylor said. “I also help update the schedule with the field team, trade partners, and my project manager.”

Other details Taylor handles include reviewing submittals, sending out change orders, and helping the project manager write contracts.

Taylor’s day-to-day at McCownGordon involves fielding a lot of questions. Whether it’s phone calls or emails, he’s always in touch. In addition to the stakeholders, Taylor checks in with field staff several times per day to make sure they have what they need for their project to stay on track. As project engineer, he’ll also work on warranty items from previous projects and glance through budgets and invoices. 

Taylor thrives in challenging situations, and there are always new opportunities to innovate at McCownGordon. Recently, Taylor and his team finished up a new stadium for Derby Public Schools, outside of Wichita. “The stadium was the District’s flagship project, and it was very challenging, but very rewarding,” Taylor said.

There are a lot of things Taylor said he enjoys about McCownGordon. Our whole team is associate-focused, meaning our employees are our top priority. We provide a supportive culture and challenges every day to keep people engaged and motivated. All employees know the door is open for them to earn continuing education certificates. And of course, we are employee-owned.

“I have a lot of pride and like to brag to all of my other friends in the construction industry about how lucky we are to be employee-owned,” Taylor said. The sense of ownership and shared responsibility helps associates build stronger bonds and relationships among each other and with project owners. “In the short time I have been here, I’ve created friendships that feel as if they’ve existed for decades. This company is truly thoughtful, it’s unlike any other place I’ve been a part of. The relationships we build and the customer experience we provide are next to none.”

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