Award-Winning Project Delivered to City of Manhattan

On February 23, 2024, the Rob K. Ott Municipal Services Facility in Manhattan received an Award of Excellence from the AGC State Building Awards committee. This program recognizes the best projects built across the state of Kansas with regard to community impact and benefits, project uniqueness, safety and performance metrics.

This project was able to centralize all the mission-critical functions of city maintenance that were once spread across the city and inefficient. As with all civic projects we are cognizant of being stewards of taxpayer’s money. The McCownGordon Construction preconstruction team stepped up to the challenge of a tight budget with unique value management options to reduce costs without reducing the scope or program. Procurement was also a critical component to manage so that the schedule did not incur any delays.

The facility was finished two days earlier than planned and we were able to complete the salt domes early to accommodate the winter season. Furthermore, $500,000 in savings was realized from the buyout that was able to be reinvested in the project to enhance the services.

This building will serve the City of Manhattan for the next several decades and provide the employees with an efficient and productive workspace. Congratulations to every team member who made this project possible.