What to look for when partnering on an integrated project delivery construction project

Partnering through Integrated Project Delivery Method

When trying a new delivery method, like Integrated Project Delivery Method (IPD), what should you look for when partnering? Recently many owners started “dipping their feet” in the IPD pool by adopting some of the collaboration principles of IPD into more traditional contract and risk models to develop a hybrid type of contract model that can be thought of as “IPD Lite.”

In this model, traditional design and construction contracts are used but heavily modified to incorporate terms that will foster collaboration, early contractor involvement and effective use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), as well as provide for some form of limited risk and reward sharing among the key project team members.

IPD is a collaborative delivery method that integrates all teams (architect, contractor and key trade partners) through one contract. Through a shared risk and reward, this method brings out the best talents and insights of all participants to add unmatched value.

Benefits of Integrated Project Delivery

When owners hire the right team, the team provides the best building experience possible. Here is a checklist to consider when looking to hire a partner for your next IPD project.

One you’ve worked with before

Trust is the foundation of the IPD delivery method. Because IPD is a new process in Kansas City and the Midwest, you’ll want a team you’ve worked with before; one that you believe will bring the best building experience. You’ll want a team that brings the tools to make sound judgment calls and reduces the stress during the decision-making times. Why try a new delivery method with a new team? Work with trusted partners.

Compare different delivery methods

One that has worked with your preferred design partner

Teamwork is vital to any construction project, but especially IPD. When looking to implement IPD on a project, make sure the team you hire has collaborated on a project before. And that they’ve completed it successfully. You’ll want to partner with a team you can fully trust and rely on through the whole process.

One that is innovative and always looking to improve

One of the benefits of IPD is the innovative culture it creates. With all teams working together for the betterment of the project, new ideas arise to enhance it. You’ll want to work with a team that always looks for ways to add value to your project. Whether it be through schedule, budget, enhanced environments or other options.

One with integrity

IPD doesn’t work if the teams can’t trust each other and if they aren’t honest and open with everyone involved. Find a team that grounds itself in integrity. Through transparency of all team members, there will be no hidden agendas or costs. You’ll want to work with a team that holds honest conversations with you, even when faced with challenges.

One with strong relationships

When putting together an IPD team, you must focus on finding players that work well together. Both compatibility and communication skills are key and necessary characteristics. Find a team that invests in relationships with architects, engineers and trade partners. These relationships help foster an environment where people feel respected. With mutual respect, the team will be able to listen and learn from each other to ensure the best building experience for the entire project.

One that leads the industry in technology

Because the IPD delivery method is so collaborative, you’ll want a team that knows how to use technology to facilitate and improve the project’s success. Technology helps improve how members communicate and contribute with real-time information. Access to information at all times allows the team and owner to stay on the same page and keep each other accountable. Through technology, the process becomes even more seamless as the designs become a reality and the onsite team onsite easily transfers needs, concerns and documentation to those in the office.

At McCownGordon, we are grounded on our core values of integrity, relationship and performance.  Learn more about partnering with us on your next IPD project.