McCownGordon hosted modified column signing for Wonderscope Museum

McCownGordon’s unceasing focus on safety meant Wonderscope Children’s Museum staff members, board and donors got a sneak peek of construction progress at their new home even as the pandemic continues. The organization wanted to provide a preview tour of the building, which will be complete in October. The broader KC community also got a glimpse via news coverage from the local FOX TV affiliate.

The event, held on June 4, implemented many safety protocols designed to help keep people safe and incorporate local protocols to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Precautions included:

  • The site was cleaned in advance of the event.
  • All guests and news media completed a health screening questionnaire and temperature check before entering the project site.
  • Attendees were limited based on local COVID-19 gathering restrictions.
  • Guests checked in, so there was a record of everyone on site for the day, should any contact tracing be needed later.
  • Personal Protective Equipment was provided by McCownGordon for guests. Barrier masks were available for those who chose to use one.
  • To help guests social distance during the column signing program and ceremony, the project team spray painted orange markings 6-feet apart on the floor of the room.
  • Each guest received their own marker with which to sign the column.
  • Small group tours through the building after the program helped maintain social distancing measures.

Guests enjoyed the opportunity to sign the column, leaving their mark on the building forever. The enthusiasm created for the upcoming grand opening was palpable. With excitement about the museum rising, Wonderscope plans to offer additional tours in the future to reach new fans and strengthen its ties to the community. While fundraising is wrapping up, anyone wishing to support Wonderscope can make a donation here.