In case you missed it: Pack EXPO

Top four things you need to know

Were you able to attend Pack Expo, the premier conference for packaging, processing, automation and supply chain solutions? If not, no worries! Our team was there, and learned so much through networking, education sessions, and just seeing what’s happening in the industry. With nearly 45,000 attendees the conference was full of innovative ideas, new products and manufacturing trends and we are excited to share what we learned! We’ve compiled the top four things you need to know if you were there or even if you weren’t there.


  • Automation is a key driver in multiple industries. Clients are looking for ways to improve efficiency to boost or maintain production and ensure safety. But also, automation is filling gaps left by lack of workforce. Automation assessments are growing and a quick and easy way to gauge ROI on implementing new technologies.  


  • Equipment delivery dates can still be months and/or years away. OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) are still producing, but their reluctance to commit to delivery dates for new purchases is forcing clients to plan expansions and renovations long in advance. The supply chain issues are rampant and affecting their abilities to even manufacture machines that manufacture products. Contact us today to start planning your next facility upgrade.  


  • Sustainability goals are driving more operational efficiency, which can lower costs and reduce waste. Besides affecting the bottom line, a commitment to sustainability builds public trust, strengthens brand reputation and protects long-term business viability. With many options such as sustainable equipment, options for recyclability and end of line customization, McCownGordon’s builder-led design-build approach balances sustainability with ROI and practical feasibility.


  • People are excited about manufacturing! Lots of activity is driving motivation and enthusiasm in the industry. Companies continue to take orders and increase production. Clients are looking for solutions to aid in project execution. Check out the variety of manufacturing solutions McCownGordon provides to see how we can partner.  



Learning what’s happening at industry organizations is key for our team and we are happy to share the innovations, expertise and happenings in the manufacturing world with all of our readers. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Pack Expo in Sin City. Subscribe to our newsletter stay on top of the latest trends.