Meeting the Challenges of Healthcare Facility Construction in Wichita

Blackwell Regional Hospital

Hospitals seeking expansion or new healthcare facilities face a mountain of challenges. Between securing funding and opening the doors to your new or updated facility, hundreds of decisions impact your project. How will you ensure seamless operation of vital medical care during construction? How will you manage any potential disruptions to the project timeline? What choices will keep construction within budget? Will patients and staff remain safe and undisturbed throughout the process?

Choosing the right construction company can considerably lighten the burden of healthcare facility construction. In Wichita and across the regions we serve, McCownGordon Construction has proven experience constructing and renovating healthcare facilities.

Our team undertakes renovations, upgrades and new-build construction projects for healthcare facilities with a high-level of expertise, unmatched customer service and dedication to the community. 

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Breaking down the construction considerations and challenges in healthcare design

As a leading healthcare construction company in Wichita, McCownGordon’s top consideration in any project is the same as the project owners’—the patient and staff experience. In instances of hospital renovations, construction activities simply cannot interrupt patient care. 

Your healthcare facilities provide critical services, so we’ve taken the time to master the unique challenges faced when performing construction in a patient care environment. Part of ensuring a successful and consistent process for healthcare facility construction includes a set of guidelines and procedures we clearly outline for all project owners.

Let’s take a look at five of the top concerns you’re bound to encounter when undertaking healthcare facility construction, then see how McCownGordon can alleviate those concerns. 

1. Ensuring the safety of patients, staff and medical professionals

Project owners cannot risk disruption of a sterilized hospital environment as they work to ensure the consistency of medical care. In any healthcare construction environment, we put a plan in place prior to commencing work to ensure patient safety takes precedence. Our healthcare construction team’s job is to ensure your staff, medical professionals, chief nursing officer  and facility director can focus on their day job and not worry about the construction.

For example, infection control is a factor unique to medical construction projects. Our guidelines include strict policies for dealing with locations where potential infection arises. This ensures the safety of patients, medical professionals, staff and our associates and trade partners  performing construction work. 

We understand your team has patients and the facility to take care of. The last thing we want to do is cause additional stress for them. Knowing our healthcare construction team understands how to minimize disruptions and contamination will put your team at ease. 

2.  Adhering to the project budget

Project owners for healthcare facility construction and renovations usually have strict budgeting and approval requirements dictating their decisions. McCownGordon has an established reputation for keeping projects within their budgets without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

Efficient use of capital is achieved through extensive preconstruction services and unmatched expertise in the healthcare market. Finding additional funding and resources for your healthcare project is stressful. Avoid the hassle by partnering with a proven, trusted team.

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How does preconstruction save money down the line in your project? Major cost savings come from our ability to analyze options, allowing you to select different opportunities for savings that don’t impact the overall quality or appearance of the finished building. 

Plus, with our ability to perform high-level clash detection via detailed building information modeling and virtual construction, the building process itself goes smoothly. 

3. Future-proofing the facilities

The field of medicine advances rapidly. Changing medical methodologies and technology mean medical facilities need to be flexible and adaptable to changes. At McCownGordon, we stay abreast of changes in the industry so we’re always at the leading edge. 

Additionally, we approach all healthcare construction in Wichita with an eye on the future. Everything is designed with ease of expansion in mind. 

4. Impact of construction and noise on patients and environment

Healthcare construction traditionally brings a great deal of noise to the environment. Understanding how to minimize that sound takes on additional importance in healthcare settings. Our teams in Wichita and across the region understand the methods of sound mitigation and operate under strict procedures. This ensures the patient environment is optimal for recovery and healing. 

A good healthcare construction team, and their guidelines and procedures, set the stage for minimal impact from construction. This includes installing temporary walls to hide construction from day-to-day operations and completing certain work around your schedule, when possible. 

5. Preserving patient services and team experience

The McCownGordon team understands the importance of thorough communication, especially when it comes to informing healthcare department heads of any potential interruptions well in advance. Construction on healthcare facilities will inevitably interrupt the daily functioning of doctors, nurses and support staff. We focus on avoiding those moments, and making sure you can plan ahead if they do occur. 

mri machine in a medical room after healthcare construction in Wichita

What healthcare facilities benefit from McCownGordon’s experience?

It does not matter if you’re building a brand new hospital from the ground up, renovating an existing hospital or facility, or adding structures to your medical campus—our team brings experience. We view every healthcare construction project through a customer-centric, future-focused lens. This approach challenges us to redefine the way we see, think and work to bring your project to life.

You’ll notice the difference immediately when partnering with McCownGordon, because we start with active listening to find ways to add more value, not costs, to your project. Through our delivery methods, cutting-edge technology, unprecedented safety and leading sustainability solutions, we can not only meet, but exceed your expectations for a variety of healthcare facilities construction.  

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Hospital construction

McCownGordon specializes in providing value analysis and facility assessments in hospital construction, especially when you are looking to build new, renovate or add on. This extensive expertise means we deliver added value to all hospital construction and renovation projects.

Imaging center construction 

The management of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and scheduling of moving phases is essential to the overall success of any imaging center project. Imaging centers also require considerations for the radiation equipment. Our team works with you to coordinate how, and by whom, any owner equipment or medical equipment items are installed. 

We also help identify any items that could be procured in a more cost-effective manner. We track all items on the master schedule so we can ensure timely completion of specific spaces and the project as a whole to provide adequate time for the installation, testing and set-up of all equipment.

Medical office building construction

Our team always constructs medical office buildings to include the newest, leading technology and healthcare standards. This includes the flexibility for the facility to grow as technology and processes change, as we always keep an eye on the future. 

Healthcare construction in Wichita demands the highest standards of quality and collaboration. We serve as a project leader and partner—uniting each stakeholder, staff, medical professional  and patient need into a cohesive, actionable plan.

Pharmacy construction

Our team works with many clients to update their compound pharmacies to the USP 797 and USP 800 requirements. Our process includes collaborating with the client and architect to ensure the pharmacy enhances its workflows and efficiencies to provide better service beginning the day it’s complete and long into the future.

Care for the health needs of your community

Our work to build, upgrade and renovate new hospitals, pharmacies, imaging centers and other healthcare facilities shapes the communities in which we build. Often, the medical construction projects themselves are as important to the community as the finished facility, because we bring in trusted local trade partners and focus on minimizing the impact of construction.

Plus, keeping the project on schedule and within budget is essential when a community needs access to their healthcare center. Our teams realize the need to understand medical technology, the flow of patients and healthcare spaces, and how to best work within those dynamics whether it’s renovation or new healthcare construction in Wichita. 

A proven leadership team

The leadership team driving the success of McCownGordon’s healthcare construction market brings extensive experience from notable organizations. Under their guidance, construction projects for healthcare facilities come together with advanced preconstruction services that allow us to virtually model a building to minimize any risk. 

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Some of our healthcare market projects include Diagnostic Imaging Centers Medical Office Building, LMH Health Outpatient Facility, Rock Regional Hospital, Saint Luke’s Health System, Children’s Mercy Junction City Clinic, Blackwell Regional Hospital, Patterson Health Center and Clara Barton Hospital Expansion

Don’t trust healthcare facilities construction in Wichita to anyone else

McCownGordon is prepared to meet the need for healthcare facilities construction in Wichita and across all regions we serve. Collaborative project delivery methods lead to optimum results for nearly any project through reduced risk, early collaboration, and balanced participation.

At McCownGordon, our team maintains a customer-focused mentality, allowing us to meet or exceed even your highest expectations. Dedicated to promoting integrity, performance and relationships, it’s our people and values that truly make the difference.

Our customers aren’t simply another project; they’re an extension of our team and community. Together, we don’t just build—we bring creative visions to life. From first thought to final nail, we deliver quality work to ensure our builds stand above the rest. 

We have three regional offices around the Midwest—Kansas City, Manhattan and Wichita in addition to our newest location in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Call us at 888-304-4929 or use our free online quote tool to start building today.

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