McCownGordon Employee Spotlight – Amanda

First Impressions Manager, Amanda Swartley

Amanda has been with McCownGordon for more than three years and she is a joy to have on the team. When she first started with us, she was our temporary Accounting Assistant and Receptionist but over time shifted to manage more processes in our First Impressions team; eventually she moved into First Impressions full-time.

Once McCownGordon moved our headquarters to Main Street in Kansas City, Amanda moved into managing the First Impressions team. We focus on our employees, and notice when they’re giving their best. Amanda was clearly the right fit for managing not just the First Impressions team, but the events held at our Main Street event space as well. 

She was brand new to the construction industry when she first started with us, but we immediately recognized the value she brought to our team. We gave her the opportunity to learn about different roles, exploring ways to best utilize her talents. 

“I don’t think I would have found my passion, office management, if McCownGordon hadn’t led me there,” Amanda said. 

So what does her role include? As First Impressions Manager, Amanda spends most of her time focusing on supporting clients. Because of the unique nature of McCownGordon, our number one client is our associates. Amanda spends a lot of time focused on associate engagement while supporting the office staff of McCownGordon. 

“I coordinate all events held in our event space,” Amanda said. “I also get to manage our beautiful facility on Main Street.” 

Amanda has a unique day-to-day experience at work. Her role gives her the opportunity to understand and respond quickly to new problems or situations as they arise, which is what she spends most of her time doing. When she’s not problem-solving, Amanda handles the coordination of events, supports the First Impressions team, coordinates building maintenance, and works on associate engagement projects.

We asked what she loves best about working at McCownGordon; her answer was that her favorite thing is the people.

“I love working at a company where everyone is focused on the same three values—performance, integrity, and relationships,” she said. “You can really see those values shining through every decision and move we make as a company. It’s a real honor to work with folks who have such high integrity.”

“I would describe McCownGordon as fun, people-focused, and hardworking,” she summarized. “And those values are clearly reflected in the way we work together every day.”

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