Exterior of johnson county monticello library in the night time

Community Gathering Spaces

Community Cornerstones

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Buildings such as city halls, libraries, community centers, aquatic centers, farmer markets and more offer spaces for residents to gather, socialize and exercise. The provision of these spaces is crucial to the promotion and maintenance of a healthier, happier, and more connected community, which is critical to attracting and retaining residents who are proud of where they live, work, and play. Because these spaces are built for the community, it’s essential to gain community buy-in from the start of the project. We understand the importance of community engagement, and we promise to keep the public informed as the project progresses.  

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Olathe downtown library, built by McCownGordon Construction

community gathering spaces

Civic and community facilities have been the backbone of our company since the beginning. Leveraging our expansive experience and past project experiences, we provide our clients with community engagement strategies that help gain community buy-in. As an example, we will support you during community meetings to answer the public’s questions. As good stewards of taxpayer dollars, it is vital that we understand not only the project vision and goals but also how you envision the public using your facility. Our collaborative approach provides the best value—which translates to creating cost-saving and schedule-driven solutions. Our preconstruction team has the ingenuity and skill it takes to maximize the program for community buildings. We will implement creative pre-planning and early exploration to ensure every dollar is maximized. This provides the owner with further confidence in their decisions and helps bolster community support. 

Kids reading at the Monitcello Library, a McCownGordon project


Libraries aren’t just buildings that house books anymore; they are cornerstones of communities. Libraries bring people together, break cultural and economic barriers and give the community a safe place to gather, learn and grow. As a civic building, owned by the city or county municipality, we want visitors to have a sense of community pride and belonging to the new space. We engage the community throughout preconstruction and construction to promote the project and build excitement. As proud community builders, the best feeling is seeing the community gather to celebrate a new library. 

indian creek library open-concept in olathe, kansas

We understand libraries are capital projects funded by public dollars. This means, through preconstruction and construction, we’ll work with you to align your goals for your space within the budget. Our transparent, open-book policy approach allows the community to understand how and why their money is being spent the way it is. With a better understanding comes a larger sense of pride and buy-in, which results in an engaged community, excited about their new library. Our promise is to deliver a library that meets or exceeds your community’s expectations.  

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Kids playing at Chanute Aquatics Center, built by McCownGordon


McCownGordon understands aquatic facilities and what it takes to make them a reality. For instance, builders typically work with overhead modeling, but with pools, all of this coordination happens underground. Building aquatic facilities takes a different mind-set. The work is from the inside out as to not limit your access because of pools and decks. Planning of concrete pours and backfills must take obstructions into consideration. Aquatic facilities never reach the point of being dried in so the weather is always a factor. McCownGordon has experience with all of these unique nuances and has the arsenal of tools and expertise to overcome complex challenges.

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