Work Progressing On New Cloud County Health Center

(As seen in the Concordia Blade-Empire, (March 9th 2022).

Brick by brick (approximately 78,000 of them), metal stud by metal stud, the construction of the new hospital in Concordia is progressing toward a scheduled opening in October.

Cloud County Health Center, during a public ceremony on March 1, 2021, broke ground on the new $40.35-million, modern medical facility that is located on College Drive. The 76,000-square-foot hospital will have 14 inpatient beds, an emergency department, surgery space, the rural health clinic, a variety of specialty clinic services, and an MRI suite – all on one level. Construction of the hospital is expected to be completed in the fall with plans to open in October under a new name: North Central Kansas Medical Center. The name change is designed to showcase the growing prowess of the facility in the region and the desire to serve those in the area looking for top-tier care.


“We are on schedule, so honestly I couldn’t be happier,” Cloud County Health Center administrator David Garnas said. “It has honestly been one of the easier construction projects I have ever gone through.”

“Talk to anybody we work with that is out there on the project, we did a really good job of picking our general contractor, engineers and architects. It has been very, very smooth and they work well together. And a lot of times that is half of the battle when it comes to construction, having all of those people work together,” Garnas said.


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