Top 3 reasons to work for an employee-owned construction company

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If you’re looking for a new construction company to call your work home, you may want to consider one that comes with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Working for an employee-owned company comes with a lot of benefits. 

As a company that uses the ESOP model, McCownGordon Construction has an inside glimpse of how 100% employee-ownership leads to forward-thinking, creative employees.

Read on to learn the top reasons why you should consider working for an ESOP construction company.

What You Should Know About ESOPs in Construction →

1. You gain personal wealth over time 

When you participate in an ESOP, you have a stake in the success of the company. That means as the company grows, so do the funds in your employee stock account. For many people, this gives them comfort knowing that they have shares and money saved up for retirement. Surveys have found employees under an ESOP save more than twice the average retirement budget of Americans. As a result, these employees may leave with more wealth than the traditional 401k employee. 

2. The work environment is highly engaged 

One of the main characteristics of an employee-owned company is extremely high levels of engagement. Research shows that when employees are involved with each other and their company’s success, it promotes the development of unique and innovative ideas. As a result, employee-owned companies grow 6 to 11 percent incrementally each year. In other words, collaboration improves the overall performance of a company. When the company is more successful and everyone works together, it creates a more enjoyable work environment for everyone involved. 

3. Fosters leadership and empowerment 

You will never have to worry about concealing your ideas or not feeling important enough to voice your opinions. ESOP companies promote employee leadership and the cultivation of diverse ideas through multiple perspectives. No matter your seniority, you’re always free to share your views on how to make the company more successful. 

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