Overland Park Fire Station #48, a McCownGordon Construction project

Public Safety Projects

Public Safety Projects

The foundation of communities

Everyone wants to live in a community they can be proud of. Pride begins with investing in public safety projects. From fire and police stations to courthouses and emergency call centers, these facilities keep our communities safe and well protected.

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Overland Park Fire Station #48, a McCownGordon Construction project

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Getting emergency personnel out the door and on their way as quickly as possible is first and foremost in public safety. While public safety facilities need to be efficient-driven buildings that meet demand because seconds matter, the facilities also need to function as a second home for firefighters and paramedics, and a secure environment for police officers. No matter the occupation, everyone deserves a safe, functional and comfortable place to live and work. A calming, comfortable space is important and can help reduce occupational stress such as adequate daylight for work areas and space for both indoor/outdoor gym and recreational activities.  

Kansas City, Missouri Fire Station #15

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Oftentimes, community residents don’t understand the need to renovate or build new public safety facilities, which in return may result in a failed bond vote. This reason alone shows the importance of hiring a construction manager early in the project. At McCownGordon, we promise to be your partner and work hand-in-hand with you to deliver on your vision. We have been honored to partner with multiple municipalities across the region to provide support and community engagement, helping the public gain a better understanding of the ‘why’ behind the project. As good stewards of your taxpayer dollars, we are committed to enhancing these community-based spaces to make an impact and help communities thrive. Our collaborative approach creates transparency around budgets, schedules and more, which results in a smoother construction journey for the community. 

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