XenoTech Laboratory Renovation

Science & Technology Case Study
McCownGordon completed the bioscience laboratory renovation for Xenotech in Kansas City, Kansas. Construction included new bioscience and toxicology labs as well as an office renovation.




Collaborative Delivery


Kansas City, KS

The team completed the build-out of the existing warehouse space with new walls, ceilings, lab HVAC systems, epoxy flooring and a nitrogen tank pad. The new epoxy floors set atop the existing warehouse concrete floors. The space has epoxy paint throughout, as well as HEPA filtration on HVAC systems.

The entire project features two completed phase. The lab phase was broken into three individual phases to allow for the delivery of critical equipment in an expedited fashion.

The team completed the entire renovation in an existing warehouse space and was able to transform it into a critical space. Thanks to the phasing and expedited schedule, no time was lost when transferring equipment to the new facility.