Stone Creek Elementary

K-12 Education Case Study
Stone Creek is a new elementary school in Derby, Kansas and part of the 2018 Derby School Bond.


Derby School District


Collaborative Delivery


Derby, KS

The early childhood through fifth grade school has three classrooms per grade level with additional rooms for future growth. The school is 82,000 square feet, housing classrooms, gymnasium/storm shelter, art and music rooms, collaboration spaces, cafeteria with outdoor learning/eating space, learning hubs, and administrative space.

This school was designed for the best learning environment with natural lighting throughout. The standard classroom size is 900 SF and each is equipped with teacher voice amplification systems. The kindergarten through second grade classrooms contain their own instructional hallway and learning hubs while the third through fifth grades also have an instructional hallway, learning hubs, breakout rooms and independent study spaces. A community space will allow facility use beyond typical school hours.

Stone Creek has a state-of-the-art music room and a kiln room for art. With an ADA accessible playground and smart drop-off and pick-up lanes. Stone Creek went above and beyond to ensure the school was accessible to everyone and provided a dynamic education.