Partnering with MWBE’s to Create Growth and Success for All

McCownGordon sponsored a dynamic panel that helped a community of civic leaders understand more about why supplier diversity is so critical in the Wichita area and how we can start building momentum for further action.

The panel was moderated by Ed O’Malley (Kansas Leadership Center) and included the following panelists contributing.

Ronnie Leonard, Balco, Inc.

Christina Long, CML Collective

Vice Mayor Brandon Johnson, City of Wichita

Willy Pegues, McCownGordon Construction

These are the top four take-aways for attendees.

  1. Supplier diversity is a critical step to ensure Wichita remains a viable contributor in both the local and global market. This is a game-changing opportunity for both sides of the table. By engaging with the minority and women owned businesses, we create opportunity to showcase their business, increase competition locally and bring in national business opportunities to Wichita. This will help keep talent in Wichita and continue to reinvest in our community.
  2. The best way to start these relationships with diverse suppliers is through a partnership. It starts as an exchange of information where both parties gain value. When an established general contractor takes the time to listen to minority and women owned businesses, they will find where they can provide mentorship and coaching. This helps minority and women owned businesses build their portfolio, creating a local economic surge that allows everyone to achieve their dreams in Wichita.
  3. We must be intentional with actions. This is not limited to formal contracts. This includes all outsourced purchases companies make including: technology, accounting, cleaning, catering, marketing and the list goes on. Make our own list of companies to engage with and be purposeful about reaching out to them and growing the relationship. It may be uncomfortable at first, but that is how change happens. Wichita does not want to be left behind in this global movement.
  4. Be authentic. This is not a process to check the box and move on. This is an effort to mirror our community demographics to be better and do better in the city of Wichita.

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