Lean Construction Management

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How to Jumpstart Lean Construction Management: 4 Must-Know Steps

When beginning to implement lean construction management, it’s always important to base the practice on the unique project. Treating each project exactly the same will only hinder efforts to reduce waste and promote continuous improvement. 

As construction leaders in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, McCownGordon Construction believes since different builds and renovations require different techniques, you may not always want to use every lean principle each time. However, there is a basic foundation we follow with each project to decide which lean principle we will implement into a project.

What is the Lean Organization Structure?

1. Assess current work structures

Before starting the lean structure (or any aspect of it), assess the current work habits. At McCownGordon we always strive to outperform even our best work. Therefore, rather than remaining stagnant, we search for innovative solutions to create the most efficient construction process possible. 

2. Optimize the workforce

The success of lean construction principles lies in the effectiveness of the people involved. Tying together trade partners with the construction manager and other personnel allows for a greater understanding of who would work best for each task. In doing so, it verifies the right talent works on the project at the right time to hit schedule milestones. 

3. Give employees ownership

Instead of always telling employees and trade partners “here’s what we need done at what time,” our team opens the floor to discussion. We discuss how long a specific task will take to complete and which tasks need to be completed directly before and directly after. When you give your employees ownership, it gives them a chance to hold themselves accountable and complete their tasks on time. It also provides more insight on the specific timeline needs a single person may miss on his or her own. 

4. Remain open to change

Even once we have a plan, our McCownGordon team understands things may change throughout the build process. We have the tools, expertise and mindset to pivot and switch directions when needed. That way, we can make sure we are always doing what’s best for the project—no matter what changes. 

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