How McCownGordon’s Virtual Design & Construction team utilizes software integrations to improve workflows and transparency

Michael Gekas, a Virtual Design & Construction Executive at McCownGordon, presented at a conference hosted by DroneDeploy. Michael was joined by Zachary Stoner of Sunrun, John Julius of California Resources Corporation, and the panel moderator Marissa Konicke of DroneDeploy.

DroneDeploy is the software used at McCownGordon to operate drones and collect and process all the images received on jobsites. Michael joined a panel titled “Improve Communication and Coordination through Integrations.”

Michael explained how McCownGordon uses the integration of pre-existing software like DroneDeploy and Procore to share information across the platforms.

How McCownGordon uses the integration

McCownGordon was a leader in utilizing the integration between DroneDeploy and Procore. When a drone pilot flies a space, they capture images and videos of project sites. Therefor, team members from Safety, QAQC and other building performance solutions groups can use that content to look for safety hazards, quality concerns, and more.

Project managers and superintendents use the information to keep our clients updated and improve the lines of communication. The projects team easily uploads the images and videos from DroneDeploy to Procore for all parties to access, comment and save.

Benefits of this integration

It makes our associates’ jobs and responsibilities easier to perform. By linking these platforms, our teams quickly get the information they need to do their jobs, and more importantly, communicate much more easily. This integration makes sharing visuals with quality concerns or safety issues faster and easier. Our teams can correct situations before they become bigger issues. It also provides transparency to our clients. They’re able to see what we’re working on, issues being solved, and how their project is progressing.

Since we’re early adopters and power users of some of these softwares, like Procore, McCownGordon is always open to more possible partnerships. The more integrations we offer, the better our customer’s experience can be throughout the project.