Grit & Grace – mental resets for high achievers

Graphic for Women in leadership speaker series at McCownGordon Construction featuring Maki Moussavi. Author of The High Achiever's Guide

Has 2020 been a year that knocked you slightly, or even majorly, off the tracks. YES! is the resounding answer. Maki Moussavi was our guest for McCownGordon’s Grit and Grace speaking series, a lecture sponsored by McCownGordon’s Women In Leadership Committee. She shared tips for not just weathering the current day-to-day storm, but remaining in control of our personal story and vision for our life.

Often at the beginning of the year, we set lofty goals without a clear path of achieving them or even an obscure vision of what success is. We fall into a reactive pattern of responding to what needs our attention the most, become stagnant and quickly our passion diminishes. Have you ever checked the box beside a goal only to feel the happiness and fulfillment you expected to be short-lived? The missing pieces that need to surround goals include intentions and priority.

Maki shared with us a new approach for moving forward by reframing how we reach our goals and maneuver around obstacles that we may have once thought were not in our control.

  • #1 – Get clear: be specific on what cycle you would like to stop and what change you need
  • #2 – Own it: identify how you are personally contributing to the cycle and what role you are playing
  • #3 – Be intentional: once you know the new feeling you would like in your life, you can then align your goal
  • #4 – Prioritize: you always have a choice and it is most helpful to take part in what propels you forward rather than what checks the box
  • #5 – Choose yourself: if you ever have doubt, choose what works for you and do not feel obligated to justify your position

Every day you are contributing and scripting your personal story. Creating positive change and ending reactive cycles with low expectations is never easy. Start with areas in your life that are easy to practice this mindset and as you get comfortable, you can continue to grow more empowered in areas you feel have higher stakes.

Maki’s book, The High Achiever’s Guide, is available in all popular bookstores to continue your journey of fulfillment.