Enrichment for Young and Old: Multiple Generations Under One Roof at Logan Intergenerational Family Education (LIFE) Center 

In the rural, northwest Kansas town of Logan, one of the world’s first intergenerational facility of this scope and scale is being built. Nowhere else has ever combined an entire public school district, childcare facility, and senior care facility. The Logan Intergenerational Family Education (LIFE) Center is in a category of its own.

When you unite generations, magic happens. Generation Y and Z have grown up in a different-looking world than the Silent Generation or Baby Boomers, and they all have unique views, wisdom and experiences to share.

The Logan, Kansas, community took this concept and marched forward with it. Multiple entities within the rural town joined forces, including the city council, school board, nursing home and a local charitable foundation. The idea stemmed from a collaboration between the Dane G. Hansen Foundation board members and USD 326 Principal Dave Kirkendall. With a sense of small-town pride and a dream of having a facility where people could be cared for from birth to death. Ultimately, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation provided extensive funding to make this dream a reality.

This new community health, wellness and living center is one single structure being added-on to the existing high school with an indoor corridor connecting them. A modern 36-bed “small house” design senior care facility replaces the aging facility in town. A new Pre-K through 4th-grade elementary school wing will be part of the new structure. The new gymnasium, weight room and wellness facility will be available to the public, as well as a multi-purpose and community room doubling as a community storm shelter. The community childcare facility sits adjacent to the new structure being built, completing the intergenerational campus.

This project and facility will support those priceless interactions between multiple generations. After construction, senior residents can attend ballgames and events without even stepping outside. They will have the opportunity to be involved in various school functions that we see endless opportunities for. A special music room was designed to allow the seniors to watch and listen to band and music practices.

Quality of life can be measured in many ways including physical and mental well-being, or the number of people you’ve positively impacted. No matter how you calculate it, the LIFE Center is enhancing the experience for all populations that choose Logan, Kansas as home. McCownGordon is honored to be serving this community and enriching the journey for all residents.