Construction quality assurance vs. quality control: what’s the difference?

quality assurance vs. quality control

If you’re planning a construction project, you may have heard the terms quality assurance and quality control. While both are part of the overarching quality program, they aren’t exactly the same thing. 

As leaders in the construction industry, our associates at McCownGordon Construction focus on client education to give them the best construction experience possible. Whether you’re new to construction or have multiple projects under your belt, it’s important to understand the difference between quality assurance vs. quality control. 

Read on to learn more and how each can impact your project outcomes. 

What is construction quality assurance?

Construction companies use quality assurance to let clients know that they will uphold quality standards. Through quality assurance, a construction company can outline a site-specific quality plan that will lay out every expectation. Quality assurance involves analyzing the full scope of a project to understand the unique requirements of the build. 

What is construction quality control?

If quality assurance is laying out expectations, then quality control is actually implementing those expectations on the field. At McCownGordon, we use a three-phase process to ensure that our associates, trade partners and other contractors are all on the same page. 


Planning phase:


  • Trade partner qualifications
  • Constructability reviews
  • Pre-installation meetings


Construction phase:


  • Mock ups
  • First-install work
  • Compliance inspections


Review phase:


  • Testing and zero-defect policy
  • Commissioning and validation
  • Peer reviews

With our in-depth process and enforcement of procedures, we are able to streamline the highest of quality standards from start to finish. 

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