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From the skyline to the bottom line, we offer a range of internship opportunities for those pursuing construction studies or careers in support services like IT, accounting and marketing. Throughout the internship, students gain an overview of everything involved in constructing our region’s cities and towns, from hospitals to schools and from high rises to industrial buildings. Our popular and rewarding summer internship programs fill fast!

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design-bid-build vs. design-build at McCownGordon Construction

We’re proud to help build your career. If you’re currently enrolled in a college construction industry program, apply for an internship with us. We also offer internships for our support services: accounting, marketing, information technology and more.

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Interns 2018

Our interns work side-by-side with our team on job sites, in our offices and across the region learning the ins and outs of their chosen profession along with valuable skills they can take back to the classroom and into the working world. We’d love for you to join us at one of our virtual career fairs this fall.


Scholarship Application will be accepted again starting September 2021.



MGC staff
My favorite part of the internship was Friday site tours. I interned many places, but never really saw much outside of my tasks until experiencing the McCownGordon Internship Program. By living proximal to other interns, I was prepared to develop and maintain an important part of McCownGordon post-graduation, RELATIONSHIPS.  "

—Nija Threat

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

Marcus Watts
My favorite part of my internship was my project team! I've never been in a work place like McCownGordon. I was excited to go to work each day to learn from and work with the awesome people on my job site."

—Marcus Watts

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

major walker
My favorite part of the internship was getting to meet the great people both in this company and in the group of interns. Most of the interns who also work for McCownGordon are now my good friends. Every single time I reached out to an employee of McCownGordon for help I was greeted with enthusiasm and willingness to help."

—Major Walker

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

I chose to come back to McCownGordon because I couldn’t imagine a better place with better people to work with every day. We always have a vast range of exciting projects to work on and I get to learn every day from the best team around. I knew that if I went somewhere else it wouldn’t be able to live up to my experience at McCownGordon and I would regret not coming back full time."

—Julia Blank

2018 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2019

When I started my summer internship with McCownGordon I instantly became part of the team and gained responsibilities. I learned something new almost every single day. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience."

—Emily Zahn

2015 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2017

Frank Tuffour
I was drawn to McCownGordon by the core values, unique projects undertaken and the continuous efforts of investing in future leaders. My transition at McCownGordon surprised me as I settled in quickly, mostly because of the amazing culture. Employees lived up to the core values, exhibiting true integrity, relationships and performance in every aspect of what they did. I worked on real projects as an estimating intern and became a valuable team member with lots of responsibilities. I gained experience that will propel me to persevere in my pursuit of excellence in the construction industry. I am very grateful to be given such a once in a lifetime opportunity."

—Frank Tuffour

2018 Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2019

micquille robinson
My favorite part of my internship would definitely be the culture that McCownGordon brings to the table, all of the excitement everyone has, and all of the meals that are provided!"

—Micquille Robinson

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

daniel martinez
Being an intern for McCownGordon Construction was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to learn about the construction industry and have real responsibilities, but I also got to build relationships with a lot of friendly people."

—Daniel Martinez

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

michelle reed
I loved realizing that I was not just a number to the company – my opinions and thoughts mattered and no matter who I talked to on the executive team or on my project, they provided positive advice and feedback for my future and always had an open door to listen."

—Michelle Reed

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

Beau Lynch
My favorite part of the internship was the exposure of jobs we got to tour. While we might all be spread out throughout the week, it really brought the company together in perspective as we toured several jobs across Kansas."

—Beau Lynch

2019 Summer Intern | Hired Full-Time in 2020

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