Construction company culture: What is it like working at McCownGordon Construction?

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McCownGordon Construction isn’t just a company that cares about our work; we also keep our associates at the center of our focus. Guided by our core values—integrity, performance and relationships—we believe it’s our people who truly make the difference. 

No matter who you are, whether you’re a recent college graduate or experienced veteran, we ensure our team members feel welcomed, appreciated and driven to achieve their goals. Since our start in 1999, McCownGordon continuously strives to give our associates the best possible work experience. As a result, we are ranked nationally as one of the best companies to work for

Keep reading to learn more about our unique construction company culture and the environment we build to enhance our associates’ success. 

We are a 100-percent employee-owned company

In 2015, McCownGordon Construction implemented our employee-owned structure to create the best possible environment for all associates. The construction industry in particular depends on every last team member putting in 100% to make a successful build. In our experience, we’ve found that employee ownership gets us there. 

Employee ownership allows associates to have a piece of the pie in the company. Through our Employee-Ownership Stock Plan (ESOP), an employee can gain shares in the company’s stock. That means as the company grows, so do the funds in their stock account. 

This structure enables associates to “think like an owner,” which promotes innovative solutions that go beyond the norm. By working at McCownGordon, you will never have to worry about concealing your ideas or not feeling important enough to voice your opinions. No matter your seniority, you’re always free to share your views on how to make the company more successful. 

Since our associates have stakes in whether or not the company succeeds, they work together to get the job done. At the end of the day, they all have the common goal of growing their workplace. When everyone is on the same page, there’s less disarray and internal competition, creating an overall more enjoyable environment. 

Due to employee ownership, our engagement level has increased, and we pride ourselves on being nationally ranked in the top three to five percent of companies when it comes to employee engagement. This means you go above and beyond in your work, advocate for the company, and intend to stay. Because of our active engagement, we supply the best resources for our clients, including staying above the curve on technology and new construction standards. 

We promote collaboration and engagement

High engagement is the cornerstone to many successful, profitable companies, but especially in construction. Our highly engaged associates value their jobs, are excited to work on projects and are committed to our success as a company. This passion and engagement extends beyond McCownGordon, cascading into relationships with our partners, clients and community.

Whether or not someone is engaged depends on factors such as: 

  • Clarity of their position
  • Opportunities to develop and grow 
  • Ability to contribute and feel important 
  • Strength of relationships between coworkers and clients

When those factors align, the outcome of work/projects outshine others simply because our associates want to go above and beyond to do their best. In a study of 1.8 million employees, Gallup has found that engaged companies:

  • Treat customers better and more easily attract new ones
  • Deliver better results and outcomes 
  • Retain their employees and decrease turnover rates

At the end of the day, we’re committed to creating a collaborative environment. Each VP and up has an open door policy, encouraging associates to stop by, talk, brainstorm, collaborate and simply catch up. Our associates find that immersing themselves with the great people around them makes working more worthwhile. 

With the help of our Talent Development team, we promote engagement between our associates by creating equal opportunities for growth within the company. The team has created a variety of courses—Manager Training, Public Speaking, Operation Training and more—to ensure each individual continuously expands their skillsets, becoming better at what they do every day. In addition, they created “career conversations” that allow associates to set up meetings with their manager for advice on how to improve and talk about their career goals. So instead of waiting for quarterly or yearly reviews, you can spend one-on-one time with your manager throughout the year. 

We are active members of our local communities

Community engagement allows us to foster long-lasting relationships with those around us, and we believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. We want others to know when we work on a project together that we truly care about them and their goals. For this reason, we highly recommend that all of our associates take an active role in community service opportunities, standing as board members for local organizations, volunteering  and participating in community programs. 

We also have a variety of internal committees, such as our McCownGordon Cares team, to cultivate engagement and give back. For us, being active members of our community isn’t to look good on paper; it’s simply part of who we are and what we do. Our associates are leaders who seek out new ways to cultivate relationships through stewardship, philanthropy and public service. 

With our mentorship programs, we have team members who can guide you toward community engagement opportunities that best align with your interests and passions. In many cases, associates work together outside of the office, fostering a personal team-building experience. You may find yourself joining your fellow associates for 5K runs, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, creating “Happy Kits” for patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital, making meals at Ronald McDonald House and so much more. Even if you don’t know where to start, we always have someone who can help!

In addition, McCownGordon devotes at least 10 percent of our net profits to nonprofit causes like the arts, social services organizations and more. We believe that our success only grows when we work with our community and build together. 

We value and thrive on our diverse culture

Our diversity plays a major role in why our builds stand above the rest. With different outlooks and perspectives, we can create an abundance of unique and inclusive ideas. We are committed to opening the door for women and minorities, bringing in the best talent regardless of who you are or what you look like. When everyone feels welcomed, it adds to our engaging environment for our associates, and it makes sense for business, too.

We also believe educating our associates on the value of diversity is important, and we often engage with community resources to aid our efforts. 

In addition, our internal Diversity + Inclusion committee focuses on three main pillars: understand, include and inspire. With our pillars, we continuously empower our associates to recognize the importance of diversity within and outside of the workplace.

McCownGordon exceeds the goals for Minority and Women Business Enterprises. Through our mentor-protege program, we bolster minority- and women-owned businesses in the community and help them navigate through challenges they may face. We also partner with local MBE/WBE contractors to provide guidance in every aspect of business, from project management and estimating to accounting and marketing.

We don’t believe that diversity automatically leads to inclusion, which is why we always maintain an open, judgement-free environment to show that anyone and everyone can share their voice. 

We make working flexible and fun

Needless to say, working at McCownGordon comes with a lot of benefits. First, our collaborative, highly engaged environment makes working together fun and exciting. Everyone looks forward to starting a new day, and it’s our dedication that pushes us forward. When you love your job and the people you work with, you gain a more positive mindset that reflects on all areas of life. 

Second, our work environment thrives on flexibility. We offer flexible PTO, meaning you can take vacations when your schedule allows. Since we’re built on integrity, we trust that our associates won’t take inappropriate amounts of days off, giving you freedom and control over your vacation time. In addition, our Flex Fridays allow you to work a little extra during the week so you can leave work earlier on Fridays. We want our associates to feel comfortable at work, not restrained by strict hours and limitations. 

Not only do we create a flexible and fun environment, but we also promote internal growth through the company. Our associates feel empowered every day to perform at their best, and we value and reward those efforts. We offer a variety of training opportunities to help our associates grow in their craft and reach for higher-level positions. 

When you work for McCownGordon, you’ll also receive perks, including: 

  • Rooftop deck
  • Fitness center with yoga studio and steam rooms
  • Modern, open office with adjustable desks
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Frequent team building events and activities
  • Fountain soda machine
  • Healthy market
  • Cookie, coffee and ice cream Fridays
  • Company hybrid cars

Since we care so much about our associates, many of our team members stay for the long haul, further growing our internal relationships to build a true work family. So while the construction industry average turnover rate is in the double digits, McCownGordon’s turnover is in the single digits. From our college interns to our senior-level staff, everyone knows they have the opportunity to grow for years to come within the company.

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Start your job search at McCownGordon Construction

At McCownGordon, our team of builders and engineers maintain a customer-focused mentality, allowing us to outperform even your highest expectations. Dedicated to promoting integrity, performance and relationships, it’s our people and values that truly make the difference. 

Our customers aren’t simply another project; they’re an extension of our team and community. Together, we don’t just build—we bring creative visions to life. From first thought to final nail, we deliver quality work to ensure our builds stand above the rest. 

We have three regional offices around the Midwest—Kansas City, Manhattan and Wichita. Call us at 888-304-4929 to learn more about our construction company culture. 

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