5 trends in K-12 construction

We sat down with one of our in-house experts on K-12 to learn about what’s trending right now. Brian Roth, K-12 Senior Project Manager, shared the five top trends he’s seeing in K-12 construction. Click through to see the impact these trends are having on our current K-12 educational environment.

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School districts are saying goodbye to the traditional classroom. Today, districts are bringing the outdoors in with nature-like elements into classrooms, including earth-tone colors, natural lighting, comfortable seating and organic lines.
The days of only paperback books are gone. School libraries, now called media centers, feature an open feel, flexible seating and technology galore.
Largely due to the use of online textbooks, high schools are now leaving lockers out of their renovation plans. While athletic lockers remain necessary, students no longer have the same connection to lockers they once did.
Today staircases serve a greater purpose than simply getting students from one floor to another. Learning stairs foster collaboration, connection and flexibility. They can be informal seating for socialization and easily transition into a lecture space.
Meant to enhance learning environments without adding extra square footage to the project, learning pockets are used for small group collaboration and one-on-one teaching.