5 construction safety tips for occupied renovations in Kansas City

If you’re going through a renovation, you may be unsure of how to keep you and other occupants safe. Through years of experience, McCownGordon has found success lies within the active participation of all parties. Everyone involved should act with one common goal—ensuring safety becomes the number one priority. 

Following these key construction safety tips is one of the best ways to reach that goal; read on to learn how you can implement them during your occupied renovation.

1. Pay attention to signage

Your general contractor should place signs throughout the construction site to guide you safely through the building. In doing so, you can avoid potentially unsafe situations and instead go about your day. Signs are also a best practice for K-12 and higher education construction safety, keeping students and faculty out of harm’s way. 

2. Stay aware of your surroundings

As you’re going from point A to point B, be conscious of what’s around you. Try to steer clear of loose wires, dangerous equipment and even something as simple as wet paint. If you notice something off, always inform your general contractor rather than trying to find a solution yourself. 

3. Communicate with other occupants

Whether you’re a manager or you work at a construction site, it’s always best to stay in constant communication with others. That way everyone can stay in the loop. A company newsletter is also a great tool you can use to spread pertinent information and construction updates. 

4. Ask questions when they arise

You’re not expected to become an expert on construction safety tips overnight—that’s what your contractor is for. No matter how small the concern, always ask questions to remain as educated as possible. 

5. Hire a general contractor that cares as much as you do

Your general contractor is the heart of your site-specific safety plan. At McCownGordon, we believe safety should be more than a program or series of checklists. That’s why we create plans that meet our high standards and core values. We go above and beyond to protect occupants, associates and trade partners throughout the renovation process. 

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