2024 looks positive for food and beverage manufacturing

Jeff Roy, McCownGordon’s Senior VP of Manufacturing, recently sat down with the editor of Food Engineering Magazine to discuss the upcoming trends in food and beverage manufacturing in 2024. Although they don’t hold a crystal ball, Roy and other industry experts provided their insights into what we can expect in the coming year.

With economic challenges waning, manufacturers are expected to invest in facility improvements to enhance throughput and meet consumer demands. Food Engineering Magazine expects a focus on continuous improvement within existing processes, with companies looking for innovative ways to control costs, improve sustainability, and drive profitability. Facility automation is increasing in importance, driven by inflation stabilization and labor shortages. Investments in automation are predicted to streamline repetitive tasks, reduce labor costs, and improve production consistency. The areas most affected by this trend are expected to be mechanical and electrical components within manufacturing facilities.

With the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), food safety is a top priority for 2024. As companies prepare for FSMA 2026, the adoption of digital tracking systems for improved traceability is expected. We also anticipate the implementation of additional standards, including more stringent labeling requirements for organic products and disclosure of bioengineered food in response to growing consumer demand.

Healthier eating and a rise in plant-based foods are expected to continue, including a growing interest in spicy snacks and coconut-based products. McCormick has announced tamarind as the flavor of the year, which we can expect to be included in a variety of dishes and products.

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