The Positive Impact of Public Safety Facilities in a Community

Public Safety Construction Building in Dallas-Fort Worth

Overland Park Fire Station #48, a McCownGordon Construction project

The impact public safety facilities have on the local community are far larger than you may realize. Of course, public safety facilities are a critical part of a community’s infrastructure. However, they are also a source of pride for the residents. Funded by tax dollars, these buildings symbolize their hard work being re-invested into the community.

Here are three ways public safety buildings in Texas positively impact the local community:

1. Promotes Partnership

Navigating the renovation or build of a new public safety facility presents a unique opportunity to engage the local community. A simple, yet effective way to get the community involved is through guided jobsite tours. This gives residents the chance to be involved in every step of the process. Engaging them early in the build with these types of tours increases their involvement and overall excitement about the project.

We have also seen successful strategic partnerships between the builders and local organizations or schools. A great example of this type of partnership is educational workshops for nearby school students or youth organizations. This gives students hands-on learning and provides them with a behind-the-scenes look into a pillar of their community.

2. Increased Community Safety

It sounds obvious, but new public safety facilities throughout the DFW Metroplex dramatically increase the safety in a local community. Seconds matter when responding to an emergency call. Modernized public safety facilities include top of the line technology and design elements to reduce response time and improve overall efficiency.

At McCownGordon, we have experience building new fire stations that include four-fold doors that open much quicker than traditional garage doors – increasing the speed in which first-responders can respond to an emergency. We also have experience building police stations that are equipped with the latest and greatest security systems such as PTZ cameras, biometrics scanners and key card access systems.

Updated public safety facilities are a crucial part of a community’s safety and overall well-being.

3. Recruitment & Retention

Careers in public safety have never been so important. It is imperative that communities not only have the right number of public safety officials, but the highest-quality officials. Attracting and retaining top-caliber individuals to communities throughout Texas is easier when the facilities they will be working in are modernized and inviting.

It is estimated that a fire fighter spends one third of their career inside the fire station. An updated, comfortable and safe fire station is a must when attracting and retaining first responders.

Civic and public safety facilities are the foundation of a strong community. McCownGordon has successfully completed over 90 public safety facilities.

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